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TTMT #313 – jewells68 – June 4, 2019 – Making Do

In which I show you a corner of my gradually evolving craft space… I keep plugging away at it as I try to get it to be the most efficient use of the limited space that I have. Also talk a bit about current Project Linus quilts and my friend’s memorial quilt. Also I am pretty sure I need a new supreme slider for FMQ. Apparently I am pretty rough on my sewing equipment.

17 thoughts on “TTMT #313 – jewells68 – June 4, 2019 – Making Do

  1. Of course you are up to the challenge! I can’t imagine a challenge you couldn’t figure out. One of the things I thought of when I saw those long necklaces is if you make an art quilt and make a sleeve for it, run a rod through the sleeve and attach one of the necklaces on each end of the rod to use as a hanger.


    1. I feel like I am constantly rearranging to make my space more user friendly. Someday it will be there! The room is like 8×12 on one end and 9×12 on the other (on account of the closet and where the door to the hallway is) so it’s shaped weird and I have too much stuff. That’s why I’ve been making myself work from stash pretty much all the time.


  2. You know, fine art sometimes requires upkeep on the tools!
    So the chickens are trying to escape from the coop? They pecked a hole in it? Good solve!
    Getting a new sewing space (and especially when saving space in a small space) sounds like you’ll be more comfortable. Thanks for letting us see where the magic happens.
    The scarf is a great color. And great fringe. I bet you’re going to come up with something awesome. And jewelry! Great challenge. Definitely art quilt as an option.
    Have a great week!


    1. I was so upset when I found the hole! But Jennifer talked me off the cliff and I found something to stick on top of it. Once it’s washed I take a photo of the patch so y’all can see it.

      I feel like I am constantly rearranging to make my space more user friendly due to the odd shape and uneven shape of the room. find a new piece of furniture, rearrange, hate it, put it back, etc. Ultimately I’d like to bring a smaller long arm into my space again, but I have GOT to use up more of this stash first. Or donate it or something.


      1. I don’t think any of us really get our space like we want it for long. I can get it to where I enjoy it for a while (I really love Molly’s space, but she has the whole house to herself). Then things change and more changes are needed. You’re making progress.


  3. I loved getting to see your quilting set up. I had a mental image, this is better!

    An art quilt isn’t a bad idea, especially with the unusual odds and ends. The jewelry makes me think small crazy quilt…


    1. I *almost* called the shop to see if they had a Gidget 2 table for the pfaff to go grab on my lunch break, but decided actually finishing the quilt was more important. Getting closer!

      I am going to try the french fuse and see how it works with these fabrics and cut some of it up. I was thinking maybe a snuggle throw for just some of the fabrics and a small wall hanging with some smaller bits of fabric and the jewelry/charms. I was thinking first of a throw pillow or something ilke that but I was worried about her furbabies getting into it, so I like the idea of the wall hanging better AND I love Susan’s idea of using the two necklaces as a hanging loop of some sort. We shall see!

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  4. I can’t wait to see how you incorporate the jewelry in the project. I think anything you do will mean a lot to your friend.

    I go through periods of constant rearranging. I have done it less in my current house but I definitely do it. Just always looking for a flow to my space that I like. I think the both machines setup willsme nice for you. My biggest peeve is not having a flat surface to sew on. So I like how you are getting those for yourself.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I am thinking of possibly 2 quilts, one a small art quilt wall hanging with the jewelry and the other just a snuggly quilt out of most of the fabrics. My french fuse arrived today so I’m thinking this weekend I’ll start working on a plan.


  5. Funny I forgot I suggested the quilt bag. I was going to say that again. LOL! That is an interesting selection of fabrics. A wall hanging sounds good. Artistic or whimsy on the wall hanging? Have you ever seen the book called “Out of the Box”, unleash your creativity through quilts” by Mary Lou Weidman. Its about making a story quilt. Such as your friends mom in her pajama wearing the scarf having a cup of tea…..etc. Kind of left field but another idea. On the back cover of the book is 3 ladies sitting on a bench with a quilt on their laps. under a tree. Whimsical.
    Have a good week!


    1. Yes I’m pretty sure that was you, lol. I want a quilt she can wrap around her, so I might do two, one a throw and one a small wall hanging. I’m going to see if my library has that out of the box book, that sounds really interesting!


  6. I’m curious what you think of the gidget table… sturdy to sew on? Do you have it on a carpet or on a hard floor? I’ve had links to the Gidget table and to the SewEzi tables saved forever and mostly I think the SewEzi one might be better for getting the machine to the right height/flush, but it’s like… more than double the price of the Gidget, which is not nothing.

    Those are some really disparate fabrics your friend sent you.


    1. I am really enjoying piecing on it because it’s a much better height and therefore way more ergonomic.I did have to adjust it a bit but they provide instructions. I added some rubber shelf liner under the machine, and I put little scraps of it under the feet to get it just right and keep it from wobbling. It has adjustable “leveling” feet, but you keep having to take the machine off to adjust them so I ended up sticking the shelf liner under them and it took care of stopping the wobble. I have wood floors. It is sturdy and being inside the table muffles the noise of my Kenmore a bit, which can be pretty loud, so that is a nice bonus. Really the only down side is no drawers or anything like that, but now that I have small shelves right above the table I have a place for thread and bobbins and my manual and cams and all the little bits and bobs that used to just get in my way on top of the table.


  7. Thanks for all the info! I have carpeted floor in my sewing room (which I hate for a multitude of reasons — hiding pins, the constant thread nests, etc), which is one reason I’ve always held off on buying a table for my machine. Supposedly they’re okay on carpet, but…. I don’t know.

    Anyway, as downsides go, it doesn’t sound like there is too much, which is nice!


    1. I wanted it for my pfaff but there is no way a machine with a 9 inch throat will fit. The kenmore does and maybe a machine 1 inch longer might work. They make a machine that is built for the pfaff Gq or the janome 1600 but it’s 600 bucks and that aint happening. I can almost buy a new frame for that.


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