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Jeanie TTMT #21 Back to the beginning

What’s been going on this week and back to my star quilt.

13 thoughts on “Jeanie TTMT #21 Back to the beginning

  1. Wow! Your eagle turned out great. Sorry you had to take you quilt apart. Since you want it so badly that will help you keep focused. Good luck to you. Hopefully you will figure out the problem and correct it.


    1. Thank you, I was pleasantly surprised with the Eagle pillow.
      I really want to see this star through. I think part of the problem is know I have had issues in the past, and it stresses me out.


  2. I’m so sorry your star is giving you trouble. Some angles are tricky and can give you fits. It takes a little bit of Geometry, but I now you can do this. you might want to put it into EQ8 and printing “templates” for the problem pieces, even though it seems like you should just be able to cut them an it’ll work out. I think you slowing down and looking at each one will solve the problem, but maybe EQ8 templates will help. Yes, early “fudging” could be the problem. I know you will stick with it until it works.

    One problem may be that a start that fist together without internal sashing will NOT still fit together with it in there, without some adjustments. You’re actually changing the angles as you get bigger, and rather than re-making the star pieces, you should be able to adjust the sashing. Again, see what EQ8 can help you figure out. Let me know if you need some help with it.

    That eagle really turned out beautifully! I would want the pattern if I had any idea what to do with it or when I would have time. I may ask you for it later.


    1. I noticed EQ8 had a star section, I may play around with it a bit. I just need to SLOW down. I’ll be sharing the Eagle pattern with FiS, so it’ll be there if you decide to give it a try.


  3. The cushion turned out so great! If you ever want to share the block pattern, I’d love to post it on Fandom in Stitches. 🙂 That unhappy face, though! Precious.

    Oh my goodness, I am so impressed that you took those pieces apart. I totally understand why, though. I hope you figure it out and that it goes back together smoothing (and quickly!).


    1. I’d be happy to share it. I’ll get the submission done. Thank you. I wasn’t sure if you had a sports section.
      I know, his face is priceless, but I told him I’d make him one with the hulk on the he’s happy.
      I plan on taking my time with the star. One seam at a time.


  4. I am so sorry you took your star apart, but it’s for you and if it will make you unhappy then sometimes that’s just what you have to do. You can do it though… just take your time and keep plugging away at it.

    Your pillow turned out great except there’s an Eagles mascot on it, lol. just kidding. His face is too priceless.


  5. I don’t blame your grandson at all for wanting that pillow.
    Bless your heart for having to take the quilt apart. I hope you can get it put back together soon. I know it is going to be beautiful.


  6. Oh wow. Sorry you had to take the Star quilt apart. If your not happy with it that is the best thing to do. Love that look on grandsons face. He will be happy when you make his pillow. Have a great week!


  7. Ugh sorry about the Star Quilt. Although I’m impressed with your patience to pull it apart. I’m not sure if I would get through it.
    The Eagles pillow turn out great. Isn’t it so fun to see a pattern come together?

    Happy Crafting

    PS Fbook told me it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday too!


  8. Ugh… so frustrating with the star quilt. I hope you figure out the issue!

    The eagles pillow does look great. Hope you get a chance to make one for your grandson too… bet he’ll be thrilled


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