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TTMT #78 – Graduation quilt and Peanuts adventure

I can also film offline, but can’t upload until I have internet (thus the 1-day delay).


10 thoughts on “TTMT #78 – Graduation quilt and Peanuts adventure

  1. I may have missed it, but did you plan to put “Peanuts” on the quilt? If not, your last frame would be perfect for that or even maybe Charles Shultz’s signature. Your design looks amazing, best of luck with ALL that applique!


    1. Yes, the one close to the top that is 2-squares-wide That will have the “Peanuts” title and signature (or however it looks on the comic strips). The blank that I haven’t figured out yet is the single square in the lower right. I think the applique will be the easy part. All the DETAIL is in the couching.

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  2. So are you creating all new applique patterns instead of using the PP patterns already available from fandom in stitches? Wow, that’s a lot of work! I’m really looking forward to seeing it come together. And I do love the comic-style layout. If you submit that to FIS, it would be great for some of the other comic themed quilts like superheroes.

    What about Snoopy’s brother Spike and a cactus for the blank square?

    Looks like Ethel really quickly got settled in and feels totally at home, that’s great!


    1. Yes. I really like the PP patterns, but I needed more and I wanted to try this different method. So I have created 28 new applique designs with 28 matching stitching designs for the lines to make them look like a comic strip. I plan to submit them to FIS as I go, once I have them “tested” for my quilt. Other comic strips would be fun if I can get this method to work. We’ll see.

      Spike and a cactus would be fun. I thought of the puppy farm but thought it would be too complex. That’s perfect for the blank.

      Ethel is a hoot. She lies between my “cutting and pressing” station and my “sewing/piecing” station so that, of course, I have to step over her each time I go from one to the other. But rather than lie sideways so she can see both, she turns toward one, and when I step over her she dramatically rolls over to see the other, and repeats as I go back and forth. At least she and I are both getting a little bit of exercise. I moved them apart so that I don’t look up and realize I’ve been sitting for too many hours.


  3. The Peanuts quilt looks AMAZING in the plans… I really hope the couching works out how you’re hoping because it’ll be such an incredible quilt. I think it will work – I’ve seen videos of people couching things and its a pretty neat process.


    1. I think the couching will work (from videos). They are using it differently, but as I visualize it, it will work and be what I want. I’ve been distracted by other things, but hope to try that in the next week. I actually bought a set of couching feet (3 sizes) and have the yarn and everything. In the videos where they don’t use a specific foot they actually say you will have some places where the yard is not sewn down and will have to do that part again. So I bought the feet. What I see in my head is pretty amazing, and I think it will work. And if it does, I have all kinds of other ideas (like redwork like I mentioned). Just more ideas than time, as usual. I’m so happy that you can understand what I’m trying to do and I appreciate the encouragement. It’s a little hard to explain. The ladies at my local quilt shop just nodded in confusion and I knew they couldn’t picture it at all.


      1. I think the couching will work too… I’m sure I saw a video from Angela Walters showing someone using one in a similar way to what you’re planning to do (though she wasn’t aiming for the cartoony style of Peanuts)… might take a bit of playing around to get it how you want it but I’m certain it’ll work out.


        1. I’ve seen it done (that’s why they have the specific feet) for just decorative value. I want to use it for outlining, which I have not seen done yet. I’m not sure I totally invented it, but I haven’t seen it yet. I am convinced it will work, and will try it as soon as Molly is free.


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