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TTMT #97 Room to make quilts again!!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #97 Room to make quilts again!!

  1. Good job crafting a path for your feet! I am constantly stumbling in my space. So it’s clearly not going to stay in its current layout for much longer.

    I love the subtlety of that floral design on the blue background. It’s really sweet and lovely.

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  2. When you showed your quilt, I thought you were teasing. It looked like a piece of fabric to me and no blocks. The fabric was so pale it took a minute for me to see the design. I had to laugh at myself.
    I don’t think I can live with out piles around me. When I straighten everything up in the sewing room and the knitting around my chair in the TV room, it only takes 2 or 3 days for the ‘nest’ to return. I’m sure you will have better luck.

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  3. Very pretty quilt. I’m not a floral kind of girl but that is pretty.

    I was excited just to sew some badges on th(s past week. I volunteered to do it for a few people just to have an excuse to turn my machine on. I thankfully have a small little project to do for a fellow TTmTer this week! I can wait to have a few hours in my craft room.

    Yay for free motion walking in the craft room😁

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  4. Look at you all patriotic! We know.
    I love that feeling of being able to walk where you let things pile up.
    I have all my WIPs in boxes and bags laying around me and numbered…I can bounce around between them as the mood hits me.
    Dresden, drunkard’s path, they’re more similar the drunker you are I guess (says the non-drinker). So pretty. The blue is a great color. Those tabs look helpful.
    My time this week was sans-Wi-Fi, which means without a wireless printer. So printing patterns to sew was difficult. But I was able to get 1 block done in my Quilt Your Own Adventure and I designed 30/31 of them. That’s progress I think.
    Have a great week!

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