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TTMT #522 – Boldly Rowing


13 thoughts on “TTMT #522 – Boldly Rowing

  1. You are making serious progress on your ST rows. Sounds like the new timing is working out ok. It’s probably smart with or without RSI to space it out like that. Paper-piecing can be really physically demanding!
    Awesome cat cameo at the end. Those orange floofs!!!


    1. I feel like I’m slooooowly chipping away, but a little progress feels good! I’ve put everything else away so I won’t be tempted to work on anything else for a while. 🙂

      My orange floofs = ♥ !


  2. I thinking any nonstop sewing causes my body to rebel nevermind PPing. I do hope the time allotments help reduce the RSI issues. I found the blocks very time consuming on this RAL. I think lots of people felt it was slow. You are not alone on that issue. I love seeing the progress on it.

    Hope you seek with the boy was good.

    Hello Kitty Herd 😺


    1. The quilt design ended up being a bit more intense than I originally hoped. That said, I’m REALLY proud of how awesome all the rows turned out. Would you believe we originally had it scheduled for one row a week? I kind of wish I’d made it a row a month, but all the announcements were out and we just went for it!

      The week went by WAY too fast. I’m hoping to squeeze in a visit up to see him before long.


  3. Your ST rows look fabulous! The batiks are perfect. I’m so glad your new schedule is working for you.
    Home improvements can be tedious, but so satisfying.
    I am having WAY too much fun with the Quilt Your Own Adventure!! Just can’t stop working on it. I now have 30/31 blocks designed (I made the Spike/cactus block at Jewells’ suggestion), and I’m working on my LAST ONE — which is the Peanuts logo block that you mentioned that will be 2 blocks wide and match the first block of all of the comic strips for all those years. It’s different from the rest, so there’s a little bit of a learning curve on it (plus I had to spend a little time in my OLD Photoshop Elements because my new Photoshop CC requires internet access, and the Elements kept throwing me out for lack of RAM or something crazy). But I struggled through and am now enjoying the EQ8 part of the last block design. I am just thoroughly enjoying this challenge…thank you. Watching everyone’s quilts that we are working on together but are so entirely different is really fun.
    The t-shirt is precious!
    I’m glad I got my medical patterns, since my next graduation is the other daughter finishing medical school in about 2 years. Then one more for the little one when she finishes law school and I’m finished with graduation quilts.
    Have a great week.


    1. Thanks, I am loving the batiks!

      I am so glad you’re enjoying Quilt Your Own Adventure. You’ve definitely jumped right in!

      Can’t wait to see what you do with the medical patterns. Thank you so much for supporting Baby Jaxon!


      1. I’m looking forward to the medical quilt, but have a lot of time on that. She’s gotta get through med school first!


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