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TTMT #312 – jewells68 – May 28, 2019 – Charming May

In which I show off a new quilt top from some (72!) of the squares I cut from the fabric Susan sent me. Constructed following the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co “Charm Squares on Point”, but didn’t add second border because it’s for Project Linus so it doesn’t need to be quite that big. Forgot to mention I “brewed” up some “Fabric Elixir” in my cauldron this weekend… home made pressing spray using the recipe Jennifer posted ages ago. I’m loving it so far! Guess I better start sewing up some more squares.

14 thoughts on “TTMT #312 – jewells68 – May 28, 2019 – Charming May

    1. The method is super easy. I just chainpieced a bunch of charm squares into pairs and then started putting the pairs together until I had the rows of 6. It’s fun and next time I won’t use any pictorial/directional fabric. And I need a wider assortment of fabrics. I should have varied my fabrics more but I just kept taking them from the top of their color pile. Some fabrics I had more than others.

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  1. The charm quilt top looks awesome. It’s fun to have a quick and easy project to whip up with some fun and bright fabrics.


    1. Haha, well cutting the squares took very little time and effort with my accuquilt go. And the tutorial for the quilt top was super easy and it went super fast so I guess that’s why, but we always do that don’t we? Belittle what we do accomplish instead of celebrating it.

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  2. Scrappy is my favorite besides fandom. I always remember searching for my favorite squares of fabric on scrappy quilts as a kid. I just always love them. It looks great. I’m sure there will be more coming.

    Happy Crafting and hope your week isn’t to crazy.


    1. I love scrappy quilts. Except for fandom quilts, seems like every time I do a quilt along with patterns I never finish. I just really like winging it I guess.

      The week sucked but I got a great deal on a new sewing table for one of my machines today so I am looking forward to moving one of them off of a folding plastic table.


  3. I’m laughing about Jennifer O’s starch brew! I finally made some this week. I was just using diluted liquid starch, and I’m using so many solids that it was leaving marks on some (that will wash out, I know, but still annoying). I’ve been ready to make some for months and (don’t laugh) my holdup was finding vodka. I needed 2 ounces, and it’s illegal to just order it at a bar and walk out with it, and I didn’t want a whole bottle I would need to store. I asked several people if they had any, and it turns out I don’t know anyone who keeps vodka around. So I broke down and bought a pint of it, which should last me the rest of my life for starch. I couldn’t find the little “sample” bottles and thought about ordering some on my flight home from Reno AFTER I got off the plane in the middle of the night. It’s always an adventure.
    I just love the charms on point! Those colors are wonderful together. I’m so happy you’re enjoying your Accuquilt. I need one of those. Maybe my doctor will prescribe one for my tennis elbow I got from sewing, and then my health insurance will cover it. Right?
    Great work this week. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Haha, I was going to get a smaller bottle and my husband was like… you’re buying vodka to spray it around your sewing room? Get the biggest bottle of the cheapest generic brand vodka and you’ll never have to buy it again. So that’s what I did.I think it’s a half gallon, lol.

      I love love love scrappy quilts. And I love my accuquilt. It took me a long time to convince myself I needed it, and to spend the money on it, but it is so worth it for the wear and tear on my wrists and shoulders that it’s saving me. Whatever makes me able to keep on quilting!


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