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Jeanie TTMT #TWENTY Wohoo!!!

I made it to my 20th video!!

Sorry about the quality, for whatever reason I had to do some major editing to the video. Rotation and cropping. I thought about redoing it, but then decided just to go with it. Getting me a new camera for next time.

7 thoughts on “Jeanie TTMT #TWENTY Wohoo!!!

  1. Happy 20th Video!! It is a milestone.

    Your new chair quilt is bright and fun! I’m always a fan of bright colors with a black accent. The second checkerboard quilt is lovely too. I like that they are the same fabrics but aren’t matching. Fraternal twins!


  2. Yay for video 20! Doesn’t time just fly?!

    Your two quilts are so beautiful. I’m still impressed by how fast you turned both of those around! They are both beautiful. Yay for getting TWO quilts out of that fabric!

    Your Eagles pattern looks great. Good luck on that, can’t wait to see how it turns out!


  3. Congratulations on your 20th video!

    That is so great that you already turned all that fabric into 2 quilts. Like totally done from start to finish! That’s awesome!


  4. Wow, your quilts look great. I love bright colors with black. It’s neat that you have a quilt on your chair at work.
    20 episodes IS great. I feel like it went by fast for me, too.


  5. Whoohooo! 20Th Video
    It does go by fast and we are super glad you joined.

    You are so fast finishing your projects. I agree with Kristel – Speed Demon.

    The eagles pattern looks great. Wrong team but great anyway 😂

    Happy Crafting


  6. Happy 20th!!!! So glad you’re with us.
    Oh my!!! That first quilt is AWSOME! Perfect work quilt.
    The checkerboard one is great, too. I can’t believe you got two beautiful quilts out of that fabric!!
    I like black with brights…and black with lights…and black with neutrals…I like black. The backing is perfect.
    Can’t wait to see your pillows. But the only deadline is yours, so no rush. Love the eagle! You’ve gotten so good with your friend EQ8. I always say that complex paper piecing isn’t more difficult, just more of the very same thing.
    Great seeing you 20 times!


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