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TTMT #77 — finishing Graduation Quilt and working on Peanuts

15 thoughts on “TTMT #77 — finishing Graduation Quilt and working on Peanuts

  1. I’m glad you had such a good visit with your daughters in spite of the difficulties in getting there. I am sorry you are having so many wifi problems
    Your new little buddy is beautiful! .


  2. I feel like I react to Alongs like you do. Buy fabric or yarn before I even think about my goal to think about what I’m doing and not start too much more this year BUT- I don’t even stop to think, – I just do it. lol
    I love the idea of your Peanuts quilt. I love all those ‘people’.
    Hope the internet comes back quickly.


  3. I’m so happy for you that you had safe travels and also that you met Ethel. That’s wonderful. She is VERY similar to my poor late Fluffy, who we were pretty sure had either Maine Coon or Norweigian Forest CAt, but was referred to by the vets office as “domestic long hair mix”. Not anywhere near as romantic sounding. At one point she was 17 pounds of solid muscle, we’d see her in the trees, on the roof etc. Then City ordinance had us switch to keeping her inside and she developed diebetes and became a skinny cat. I hop you have lots of cuddles and fun with Ethel.


    1. She seems to have Maine Coon in her, but sometimes not. She’ll probably be labeled domestic longhair mix as well. We’ll see. She’s just a sweetie.


  4. Yay for getting to see your daughters! That is really wonderful.

    The graduation quilt is looking fantastic.

    I hope you figure out the raw edge applique. That’s way outside of my own experience, but why not try?!

    Ah, kitty, she is beautiful!


    1. I’m going to try the applique this weekend. I did figure out that instead of trying to embroider on the LA (which I understand is probably above its density capabilities) I can just put the black outline on the cartoons with couching. So I ordered couching feet and will try that when they get here. I’m really excited about it and think it will be the answer for what I’m trying to do…plus will give it some interesting dimension.

      It’s SOOOO nice to have a kitty again!

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  5. I hope the applique idea is working out for you! It seems like it could be a fun way to tackle that particular quilt idea.

    I’m glad you had a nice visit with your girls, though it sounds like a crazy exhausting trip! Yikes.

    Pretty kitty!

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  6. I really like the blue and silver together. Sounds like a crazy trip but so worth It.

    Looking forward to seeing the Peanuts quilt. Ethel is an adorable fluffy furball.

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    1. I don’t get to pick the school colors (and the white on the official logo is interesting, as it is not a school color, so I matched her personal logo to it).


    1. I love Peanuts, also. On Jeweels68’s suggestion, I have now designed a Spike and his cactus block. I am now working on the very last one, which will be the logo that goes on at the start of each comic strip that says “PEANUTS by Schultz”. I really, really like how it looks, and will sew a few more blocks this weekend.


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