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TTMT 5/22/19: I lied

I really did plan to post a video today, but I’m not feeling real well (sinus infection with vertigo).  I expect it will pass in a couple more days.

I am going to post a picture of the blocks I wanted to ask your opinions on.  The 9 blocks are fantasy figures with a book in the middle.  The fabric is pretty busy, but I like it.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to finish it.  Should I sash?  If so, what color(s) should I sash with?

The embroidered characters show up better in person than they do in the picture.

PS: they haven’t been trimmed yet. They were embroidered on 10″ squares and will be trimmed to 9 1/2″.


9 thoughts on “TTMT 5/22/19: I lied

  1. You didn’t lie!! You just wished something would happen and it didn’t. Hope you feel better soon.
    Your blocks look wonderful. Love the colors. I think it would look good with or without sashing. I think I would lay it out fabric between the blocks to test out colors and whether you want sashing or not. it would be hard for me to decide long distance. Looks like you worked hard!


    1. Didn’t work hard at all – machine embroidered with Urban Threads patterns. Easy peasy – at least it was before my machine decided to act up. I really need to take it to the shop but just haven’t gotten around to it.


  2. I love machine embroidery with sashing. If it were my decision, I would start with how big I want it to end up and go from there. I had 8 snowman embroidered blocks that I recently finished (embroidered years ago). I make it a nice size, I alternated solid blocks and sashing, and it came up to a really nice size and I really liked it.

    Sometimes if I re-size embroidery designs they act up on me, but sometimes it’s just the machine.

    If you want to sash it, start with what color you want it to lean toward overall. For instance, you have the one fuscia one. You can make the whole thing fuscia based by using that color (either the same fabric if you have it or even a solid or “calmer” print of the same basic color) for sashing. Or you could do the same with either pink or purple (or even the blue). If you don’t want to emphasize one color, then use the all and mix up the sashing randomly. Any of these would be beautiful. If you use mixed-up sashing, you may consider cornerstones that are all the same to make it look a little less random. Also, if you’re trying get it bigger, a nice wide border or two would be great. If you just want a baby quilt or a small wall hanging, then you can certainly just sew them together as is and be done with it…that would be really cute also.

    I just don’t think you can go wrong with this no matter what you decide.

    Feel better!

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  3. If you do decide you sash, I think it would look good with black, white, or a solid grey as sashing. A black batik would be really stunning. It wouldn’t need to be a wide strip. If you are planning it to be a wall hanging, maybe even do QAYG and join with maybe 1.5″ sashing and use the same sashing on the back? They are really beautiful.

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hate vertigo. It’s like being really drunk without the fun part of being drunk.

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  4. I definitely think they need some sashing or maybe to be the center of big blocks. They are beautiful but busy busy. A solid or subtle tonal to calm down the movement and draw your eye to the applique would be the direction I would go in.

    Feel better, lady! ♥

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  5. I love all those bright crazy colors. I think I would lay the blocks on a light black or darkish mottled grey to see how they look. Or even a fun green or turquoise. For a wall hanging I would probably skip the sashing and just add a border but I love bright and crazy quilts.

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