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TTMT #47 knit, knit, knit

6 thoughts on “TTMT #47 knit, knit, knit

  1. I’m so happy you went to Austin!!! Meeting Jennifer O and Sarah must have been wonderful (although you probably felt like I do that you already knew them).

    Great fabrics! The jelly rolls are coming along nicely! Can’t wait to watch your progress on that. Your hats are beautiful! Love that pattern. Ohhh…I like the ribbed sock, and I like that minty color. I understand wanting something mindless for “travelling socks”. I like hand work for doctor’s waiting rooms and things.

    Everything is looking great. So good to see you.


  2. I must say I’m a bit envious of your meeting with Jennifer and Sarah. Maybe one day. Sigh . . .
    I love seeing everything you are making and have made. I love those hats a lot. Nice project for soldiers too.


  3. Lovely projects. I always wonder how many. Arlen hats have been made for charity? Thousand I imagine. The waffle stitch hat is one of my favorites. Have you made any Hermione or waffle stitch socks? They’re pretty mindless without being vanilla. Several sock knitters have been making a new style of vanilla socks. If o remember correctly they’re doing one round knit and the next round is knit through the back loop Just to break things up a bit.


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