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TTMT#98-Organizing in progress

8 thoughts on “TTMT#98-Organizing in progress

  1. Yay for reorganizing! Feels good, doesn’t it. I have ALMOST got the stuff in my sewing room down to where it is manageable.
    I lie the stack and whack, but I am in love with the Jon Snow block.
    Enjoy your retreat!


  2. Congrats on getting some of your stash forwarded to others. It sometimes takes an event like that to give some things away. I really like that I can pass things on to others who like the same crafts I do. Good for you!


  3. Jon Snow looks great! Well done piecing that. You are right that fabric is perfect for his fur. Good for you organizing. Making room for a long arm or mid arm maybe? 😉


  4. Jon Snow looks amazing! I am enjoying watching everything people are choosing on their Quilt Your Own Adventure.

    Yay for getting some organizing and purching done. I feels good to have things organized. I rarely do but love it when I do.

    Hope your camping trip was fun. I love Maine!


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