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TTMT #96 Warm Sunshine and Chirping Birds


LOOK! I figured out how to add pictures!! lol   These are the awesome scraps that I received from Susan. I was happy to see some light colored fabrics. I never seem to have many light fabrics in my stash. Susan also sent some of her infamous pepper fabric scraps. Now I can be a Pepper too 🙂   Thank you so much Susan! I am going to process these scraps and cut most of them into 2.5″ squares for a scrappy 4 patch shower curtain I’m working on.

5 thoughts on “TTMT #96 Warm Sunshine and Chirping Birds

  1. You are welcome. As far as I’m concerned, everybody in this group is a Pepper!

    I made a quilt like that one except it was a full-size so a bit smaller. It was the first quilt I made after chemo to see if I could still quilt. It is now in my niece’s home.

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  2. Great looking quilt! I like the white but I’m always hesitant to use it in own quilts. I’m likely to dribble my tea or coffee on the white. Yay know priorities color or coffee? 😁


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