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TTMT #60 | Signature Quilt Squares & The 2019 Heart Walk | 05/21/2019

Hi All!

So, we are still being rained on… 🌧☂️🌩⛈☔🌦 I’m about to collect wood so I can get started on my ark! So glad I have been too busy to want to garden 🌱… I would be upset! Lol But even though the tomato plants are missing all of this free water💧, they are not out there freezing🌡 or getting blown away🌬. I really don’t know what Mother Nature is doing to us! 😞

Hope all is better in your location! Any-who… here is my brief rambling for the week along with video/photos from the Quad City Heart Walk!

Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #60 | Signature Quilt Squares & The 2019 Heart Walk | 05/21/2019

  1. Oof, you looked so sleepy, I yawned during your video! It was early, indeed!

    I love, love the idea of the signature blocks. That is such a great thing to do for Jaxon. What a treasure that will be for the entire family. I really hope your plans for getting the rest of the signatures you need works out.

    Loved the video and pics from the walk!


  2. Sweetie, please don’t overdo it and get some rest! You’ve been through a lot.
    I love the heart walk video. Jaxon looks so good!! I hug the ones I love as often as possible and I am sending virtual hugs to you and the ones you love!


  3. I hope you are getting rest & taking care of yourself! Jaxon looks so good. Walking along doing his thing ❤️

    The signatures on the heart quilt is going to be a brilliant treasure!


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