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TTMT #81 Just a bit of knitting

6 thoughts on “TTMT #81 Just a bit of knitting

  1. Yay 2 weeks in a row!
    You got more done than me this week. I have turned on my machine once all week to sew Scout badges on a vest.

    I haven’t even done crochet or hand sewing in the carpool. I have been bring my tablet and working from there. Sigh

    I hope you continue to progress on your journey to becoming a priest. It’s a long process for you.

    Happy Crafting


  2. I agree, yay for two weeks in a row.

    I love the soft purple of the scarf. Those look like great while you wait projects!

    Yes, please do share your charity website when you have it! I added that to the site because so many of us have pet projects and I thought it would be nice to share.

    Hope to see you next week!


  3. That’s three for yay 2 weeks in a row! The knitting is coming along. It’s a great way to be constructive while you are watching tv or waiting at a dr appt or something. I am so looking forward to you mom’s quilt. It was so stunning in orange, it’s going to be terrific in purple.


  4. Wow! An all day interview would be tough. My dad was a minister and I have lots of friends who are ministers. It’s a hard but very rewarding mission to be a part of. I have several women friends who went back to school and became ministers after many years of another profession. It made a big difference in their lives and in all the lives of those around them. Good luck to you.


  5. I’m so behind on videos I’m just now catching up on this one! I hope you’re still getting a little time to knit – it seems a little more portable of a craft might be a bit easier for you to work on just now, given how busy you’ve become!


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