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TTMT #76 — The foxes are finished

This only took 6 days to upload…still no Wi-Fi at home from the lightning storm last weekend.


8 thoughts on “TTMT #76 — The foxes are finished

  1. No internet for that long is not fun. I thought you got lucky and It was this week’s video a day early. So many things evolve around WiFi that when it’s gone we feel lost. I’ll never understand why It takes 2 weeks to send a new router.

    I love the foxes. While I love high contrast quilts sometimes it’s nice to make a calmer quilt.


    1. Thanks. I’m really happy with the foxes. I also decided to put the hat, glasses, and bowtie “under” the quilting and not quilt around it so that it became part of the calmness. She is very pleased.

      Still don’t have Wi-Fi, but figured out how to upload to YouTube from work, so my video for this week will hopefully go up during lunch tomorrow. Yes, they come out to install and have those with them, but can’t seem to get one to you when lightning strikes. Amazing how they pamper new customers and don’t care as much about the loyal ones.


  2. Ugh I can’t stand dealing with the internet providers. Last time we changed we had a decade old modem they wanted to charge us $250 if we didn’t hand deliver it back to them. Meanwhile it was mailed to me originally… 🤷🏻‍♀️ That was after spending almost two hours on the phone in a loop of representatives that were not “authorized” to cancel my account.
    Sorry you are having issues with it.

    Congratulations to your daughter on her wonderful accomplishments! Enjoy the graduation

    Your Fox quilt is adorable! I really love the add one of the hat, bow tie, and glasses. Really cute.


    1. I want to tell all the IP companies to stuff it, but as you know, we have no choice. It’s just the lesser of the evils at the time sometimes.

      My daughter and I are so happy with the foxes. The glasses are actually part of the pattern. I tried a moustache, monocle, scarf, and other things, but with the shape of the faces only the hat and bowtie worked. And I think 3 out of 16 accessorized foxes is good. She is hanging it on the wall between a really “sophisticated” fox print (he’s in an argyle sweater and in a fancy gold frame) and the flying pig I designed for her when she finished high school (says “To the stars on the wings of a pig” In Latin on it). So she’s happy. And it’s nice to feel appreciated.


  3. Of course you are proud of your daughter, those are wonderful accomplishments! And I’m sure she will love her quilt. And the foxes are just too cute. I love those designs but haven’t made any of those. I haven’t needed any woodland creatures. But they are super cute. I knew she had the glasses option, but I didn’t know about the monocle, that sounds like it would be adorable.

    I am planning to still use the worksheet on my next couple of fandom quilts. I haven’t started a new one though. But it’s such a great tool for mixing and matching and above all planning. Such a fantastic idea to have the worksheet.


    1. I’ve been looking at the foxes and others for years, but never had a need for them until my fox-loving daughter had a birthday. The glasses are the only accessory with the pattern. If you want others you have to go to Google images.
      That worksheet is genius. I now have 12 of my 31 blocks designed…just technical problems of printing and a decision to make on how I’m going to stitch the “lines” on the Peanuts characters. With just the fabric they look like a 3-year-old drew them.


  4. That’s rough being internet free so long! I hope you’re close to having it back!

    The fox quilt looks fantastic. I like your various accessories and agree, three things are perfect.


    1. Thanks. I so enjoyed the foxes, and worked slowly on it to enjoy the process longer (one fox at a time).
      The internet free is not really working for me. I hate that I can’t just look up one quick thing I need and move on…I have to wait. Hopefully this Saturday!


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