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TTMT#97-Lovin the Longarm!

6 thoughts on “TTMT#97-Lovin the Longarm!

  1. Quilting your own quilt is so much fun! I’m glad you’ve gotten to give it a try.

    Vibrating can definitely be an issue. When you do it a lot using one hand at a time is an option for some quilters. Also sometimes people are holding the handles to tightly. You barely have to hold them to quilt. I do a lot of computerized quilting for this reason as well. You set it up and let it go.
    I have issues with any vibration in machines. If I use our mower or trimmers I can barely grip anything for days.

    I’m excited for you to learn more!

    Happy Crafting


    1. This is exactly what I was going to say. You may be holding the handlebars tightly because you are new and using someone else’s big machine and of course you are a bit tense, right? So next time try to relax and see if you can move the machine with just your fingertips on the handlebars rather than gripping them. If you are having to grip them to move the machine you are having to work too hard.


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your initial foray into longarming. An all over meander like that goes SO fast doesn’t it? That was my second favorite part about the frame quilting. And the log cabin looks great, too!

    I had some ideas for the QAL but have yet to put anything to paper.


  3. Woo, good for you! How fun to get to longarm for the very first time. It sounds like you have an excellent teacher.

    You are doing exactly what I had hoped with the Quilt Your Own Adventure worksheet. It’s really meant for any fandom quilt you want to make, but obviously quilting along together is the fun part! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!


  4. I’m SO excited for your LA’ing!!! It looks wonderful. So much fun! I hope you quilt your Kate Fassett! Maybe taking a break every hour would help (or as others said, relax a little).

    Isn’t Create Your Own Adventure fun?!? I’m loving the whole concept of it. I have 6 blocks designed, but can’t start sewing yet (gotta finish the graduation one). But I am really enjoying it and thinking (dreaming) about a new technique I hope I have the time and nerve to try on it. Can’t wait to see yours.


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