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TTMT #95 Rag Doll Quilt Blocks

13 thoughts on “TTMT #95 Rag Doll Quilt Blocks

  1. So I almost spit my coffee out when you said they were creepy. I tend to agree it’s on the creepy side. It would not be my pick for fabric either. I do like a churndash block.

    That is a whole lot of port pillows at once. I can timag9ne how much people will appreciate you making them. I would do small quantities at a time as well. I get bored doing larger numbers like that.

    Hope you seat covers arrive today! Happy Crafting

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  2. The port pillows are cute. 10 at a time would be much easier for me to stick with than trying 50. Or a good “in between” project.

    I think we’ve probably seen too many movies where when dolls congregate and all look straight at you bad things are about to happen, right? It is creepy. But the girls are really sweet. The rags in the hair kinda match the fallen-down underwear, I think. They’re really fun. I would put them on a wall hanging with retro bg or sashing. I’m going with retro-creepy-cool.

    We got struck by lightening on Saturday….lost power for 10 hours and it fried the Wi-Fi router, so I’m without internet at the moment. But the ground is starting to dry out from our flooding. And the river is about ready to come out of its banks. So the weather here is tenuous.

    Have a great week.

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    1. Scary sounding weather. I hope you’ve dried out a bit now. Our river empties into the gulf so we’ve never had to worry about the river like many other areas do. It looks very scary on the news.


      1. Ours empties into the Gulf also (the Mississippi), but everyone above us, starting in Minnesota, empties into the river first! We’ll see.


  3. Those really are old blocks. I don’t mind the doll faces. Sometimes I do, but these don’t bother me. Definitely not my style though. I’m sure someone will love them though. I like churn dash blocks, too, but I don’t like that fabric. Someone will like it, though.


  4. It creeps you out because it’s CREEPY, lol. Dolls in general are creepy to me. I think the rag doll blocks are cute-ish. I could see some vintage 30s fabric as a sashing. Wow, there are a LOT of those face churn dash “the dolls are watching you sleep” blocks

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    1. There are 22 creepy churndash blocks. They are very well made though. I think 30’s repro fabric would look nice.


  5. It is so awesome of you to make the port pillows. My beloved mother-in-law lived with a port for years and I remember how horribly uncomfortable it was for her.

    Those doll blocks…creepy just about nails it! They are also delightfully 1980s. Some of that fabric looks like it could have been in my mom’s stash when I was in high school! The thing I’ve learned over all of my years of making charity quilts is that no matter what you make, someone will love it.

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    1. I totally agree with you. For every quilt there is always someone who falls in love with It. I’ve made some “ugly” quilts and they’ve all found a new home.

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  6. You already know what I think of the port pillows. Don’t be surprised when I show off some on my video. When I had my port I would ride holding the seat belt down below the port because it was so uncomfortable.

    As for those doll blocks. Somebody will surely love them. I like the churn dash block but not a fan of the fabric either. But I am sure somebody will be.

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    1. We’ve never know anyone with a port before so I didn’t realize how popular the pillows would be. I donated all 50 already and I’ve made several more since for people requesting one or two. I’m glad not only are they useful but also easy to make.


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