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TTMT #520 – You’ve Got Mail!


Edited to add this photo! I didn’t make the “Spiderman connection” between Jeanie’s & Karen’s packages until I was editing the video. I vaguely remembered having another Spiderman block in my orphan blocks and dug around until I found it. I would say this is on it’s way to being a good sized charity quilt for Linus!


12 thoughts on “TTMT #520 – You’ve Got Mail!

  1. 😭 *glups! No Houston 😭
    Ok maybe 2020?
    Quiltcon is in Austin next February…hint hint TTMTers 😁

    The foot pillow is adorable. Urban Thread has just the cutest embroidery.

    Wow what fabulous fabric people have sent you! So many many great things to use for Linus. Enjoy your week with the boy and I hope you are up quilting next week.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I know, I know! I knew when I decided to not go to Houston that I needed to say something asap. I *should* be there next year! As for QuiltCon, bring it on! I am game for as big of a meetup as we can manage!

      My mailbox overfloweth! I was really surprised by all the packages and the goodness inside. I am more than ready to get to work quilting some of this glorious stuff!


  2. Great pillow cover! Love the watermelon colors. I think the other ones are going to go so well with the maps!

    You DID get some wonderful mail!

    I was planning to go to Houston this year, but I can’t fully commit yet. Of course something can come up and cause you to not go…that’s okay.


    1. I’ve made such a thing of going the last few years, I didn’t want anyone to make plans to go because of me and then me not go, so I figured the sooner I mention it, the better! As Jennifer R says, QuiltCon is in Austin in 2020, and I should go to Houston that year, too, so we have more opportunities for meetups on the way!


      1. I understand that and appreciate that you’re letting us know. I am hoping to go this year and was hoping to see you, but I get to see you all the time anyway, so I’m good. It’ll be IRL one day soon.

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  3. Love the pillow. The backing fabric is the best. Vee, who sent you the yarn, is in my knitting for peace group on Ravelry. She wanted a name to send it to and you came to mind. I’m glad she followed through.
    I’m checking to see if I can come to Linus this Sat. There may be a conflict with soccer games, but I’m hoping I can come for awhile.
    I’ve not gone to QuiltCon before. That would be fun to meet up.


    1. I think this is the second package Vee sent my way. They are very appreciated!

      You’re more than welcome to come to Linus if you’re available!

      I went to QuiltCon when it was here in 2013. Some of my quilts were in a vendor booth so I had to go see! If there is a convergence on Austin, we’ll definitely need a meetup!


  4. Wow such great mail! That is too crazy that you got two spiderman care pkgs, lol. But it worked out fr a great new Linus quilt.

    Muwahaha, November! Hmmm. maybe I need to come to Quilt con if everyone is traveling to Austin. We shall have to see!

    Maybe quilt something on the juki sitting down? straight lines or even meandering. Not sure how difficut or easy that would be with one leg elevated. That might be too difficult. Boo foot!


    1. I seriously dreamed about those Spiderman pieces last night! I definitely have a direction to go in with that!

      Ha, there is no way I am basting a quilt if I don’t have to! I have two tops that aren’t mine from the Linus backlog from when our HQ needed to be repaired that I forgot to mention in the video. I’m going to try to get those done and out the door. I’m not on the hook to bind those, so I can pass them on as soon as they are quilted.

      You can ALWAYS come to Austin. 😉


  5. Great mail! I really like the spidey quilt blocs/panel. And you know I am a huge fan of Urban Threads so I really like your pillow and the other one as well.

    I would love to come to QuiltCom but I’m afraid my traveling days may be behind me.


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