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TTMT 5/14/20: Hey y’all!

Oops, I had it set on private.  I hope it’s working now.

11 thoughts on “TTMT 5/14/20: Hey y’all!

  1. You know we love you Susan. And thank you so much for thinking of me sending me Linus fabric.

    You can’t use the flannel on a quilt for Garrick? Flannel is awesome for quilt backs. I’m using some stripey flannel for the back of one of the tops you sent me for linus. It’s so soft!

    I look forward to helping you solve your embroidered block dilemma. 🙂

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  2. Good to see you back. I’m sorry it has been such a rough time for you.

    Wow you got a lot of sorting and purging done. I always hate doing it but feels good when I’m finished.


  3. It is so good to see you back again. I’ve been thinking about you so much over the last couple of weeks.

    Good for you figuring out what you like to do and make with your fabric! I had a similar epiphany and it’s really helped me clean out my stuff. Thank you for sharing with us during your big clean out. No fabric is left behind with this group!

    Big hugs to you, lady!


    1. Thank you Jennifer. It’s been a rough time. Forrest was my last living sibling. My mom died when I was 25 and my dad 3 years later. So I’m the last of my line. I must say I’ve been reflecting quite a bit and expect that will continue for a while.


  4. So good to see you Susan! It’s so good when we realize the type of quilts we like to make. We are opposites there. I love starting with a basic idea and building my quilt as I go along. Probably because I’m so terrible at following a pattern. 😉 I know I’ll have fun playing with your scraps.

    I love Shiny Happy World. So many cute designs. Great job sneaking in another quilt for Garrick.

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    1. One of the great things about this grout is that our interests are all similar, but quite different as well. I love seeing what others are doing and being inspired by them.


  5. I’m so glad to have you back! Of course you haven’t done any quilty stuff!

    You’re really making progress on your Create Your Own Adventure! I don’t like making scrappy quilts, either. I like them when they are finished, I just need more structure in my quilting. I use a lot of scraps for paper-piecing, but I don’t use them as “scraps”.

    Man! That’s a LOT of scraps. I’ll take a box if you still have some left. If you have yardage left, I’ll put them in baby (charity) quilts.

    Denim curtains sound cute. I once thought I was going to make Denim and Lace curtains for a room that leaned a little western at the farm.

    Again, great to have you back. And yes, I love you.


    1. I think I’m pretty cleaned out of any scraps I don’t want to keep but haven’t gone through all my yardage. I know I have some flannels that I can send for baby quilts. I’ll probably go through those in the coming week.

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