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Ttmt # 44 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

10 thoughts on “Ttmt # 44 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  1. OH MY!!!!! That TTMT quilt is AWESOME!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Rainey is amazing.

    I don’t think anyone cares if you have anything to shows us, we still want to see you. However, this week you showed us something amazing!

    Have a great week.


    1. I do know I can show up without something to share. I just won’t have anything to talk about that I can share via video. So while I know I can it maybe slightly awkward 😂 Although that’s not to far from irl anyway *snort*


      1. That’s just from your perspective. If you show up and tell us what you had for breakfast we’ll be glad to see you. I love seeing what everyone shares, but more importantly I enjoy just touching base with everyone. I don’t have internet and so I filmed a video but can’t get it posted (my office blocks YouTube. But when I can it’ll show up.


  2. I had no idea the TTMT Quilt was so big. Seeing on Instagram it looked like a small block. I guess I didn’t look closely enough. It is so cool. You look like you have room on your walls to put it up, too. I’m so glad your name was drawn.

    I, too, would like you to come on and just say hi instead of not coming on all all. You could keep us updated on your yard work and what’s happening to the mulch!! lol


    1. It’s gonna take me a bit longer to hang it but that’s ok. I’m so estactic to have it.

      As I said to Mary I really won’t have anything I can talk about via video. So I may skip making my videos until I do.


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