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TTMT#97-I’m back

8 thoughts on “TTMT#97-I’m back

  1. Whew!!!! I’m so glad you like it! Yes, I let my “robot” make the spools for me. But I did the “loose threads” on the borders MANUALLY…scary! I hadn’t done any “FMQ” except for playing on practice pieces, but it worked out okay and I just couldn’t resist the threads. The loopy patterns I had were too symmetrical and patterned for thread. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had with that.

    On your second one, I like your 3-and-3 fix. Looks like it was designed that way.

    Ohhhh…your rose window is much bigger than I thought it was from a picture. I just LOVE how that turned out. A very timely tribute to Our Lady.


    1. I meant to mention that I feel like part of the sisterhood of the traveling quilt! Ignoring all the traveling in the distribution of get fabric to everyone who joined in the TTMT jelly strip swap and starting there: We all cut fabric into strips and sent it to Jennifer O; she then sorted all of the strips (and we got to watch) and sent it back to us; and you took your strips and put them into a beautiful quilt; then you sent to quilt way south to me so I could sew a little more on it; and I sent it back up to you so you could show it to all of us again! So many people had input into your work (you the most, and most important, of course).
      But that quilt has been around!!


  2. Great quilting on your Spools quilt. Nice job

    I like your improvised Kaleidoscope. It really works well. Nice job!

    Of course I love the Rose Window. It’s really beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed DC. I love it every time I go.

    Happy Crafting


  3. The spool quilt looks really wonderful. Fun quilting from Mary!

    I kind of like your mix and match blocks for your quilt as well as doing it the “right” way. It adds some extra interest!

    The rose window quilt top is really impressive.


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