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TTMT # 94 Those Darn Birds

14 thoughts on “TTMT # 94 Those Darn Birds

  1. Lol I’m my week almost as fun as yours. I broke the saw blade off in the skil jigsaw. The broken end is stuck in the saw. The circular saw blade was bad. So I got real creative with my Dremel Max for cutting the remaining section on the new crawl space door.

    Glad you are getting sorted away in the craft room. That’s always a big undertaking.

    Cute top as usual!

    Happy Crafting

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    1. It was just one of those weeks. I feel that creative people tend to roll with the punches and find creative ways to fix a problem.


  2. I’ve boxed myself in cleaning/organizing before (not lately, if you’ve seen my craftroom). I always admire people who tackle these things. I don’t as often as I should, but it always feels so good. I like things boxed and labeled, so I completely understand. It makes things much easier, but I don’t always remember to get things back into the box…and that’s the only way it works. I reuse my containers all the time.

    So you teased us with birds, and delivered boxes and bugs! The bugs are cute. If you only used 4 colors for the corners, it would take no planning–just put one of each on and then match them up when you put it together (I think that’ll work).

    Just take the one off and put the new one on, right? How many times have I said that?!? I’m sure it was totally worth a 2nd shower.

    Birds love soffits! It’s passed down from generation to generation as THE place to live. I had to put screen inside mine (chicken wire didn’t stop them). Never thought of duct tape–genius! Carseat covers should be easy, right? I really hope so.


    1. This is from me. I have no idea what that other name is, but may be something I copied and pastes last on a list I was working on. Sorry to be so “incognito”.


      1. You’ve gone incognito 😂. That’s weird.

        I never thought about adding some type of wire mesh into the soffit/eaves. That might need to be my next step of the duct tape does t work.


  3. I saw your craft room photos and my first thought was I am so glad I did mine last year! Of course, it’ll need cleaning out again soon because that’s how it goes, right?!

    We have one external vent every that has a nest every year. We hear cheeping until about the middle of May and then they are gone until March the next year. We have a lot of tree cover, so there’s no avoiding the birds.

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    1. If the darn birds would just make a nest and stay there It wouldn’t be so bad. I’d probably never even notice them. I swear they get lost and have to run around in circles until they find their way out again. The main reason I don’t want them up there is because it’s open access to the attic. If the decide to bring in their buddies It could get nasty up there and all that bird poo won’t be healthy to breathe. With my luck some will die and others would decide to mess with the ac ducts.


  4. Love the bug quilt! That was a great way to make a very interesting quilt with just a couple of fabrics.

    We get nests in the big tree out front and back and sometimes in our chimney. Other than that, we have a flat roof (it’s a sw style adobe house) so no gutters to clean and no nests! That being said, we have a big pecan tree out back and the giant black grackles like to drop the pecans on the roof to crack them open for eating, so that’s my bird story I guess, lol. And if you are in the yard or on the sidewalk you have to dodge them because they are dropping them to bust them open.

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    1. Wow! That would be crazy. I feel like I would be getting things dropped on my head a lot. Birds just seem to enjoy dive bombing me etc. Occasionally I’ll find random crawdads or small fish that some bird has dropped while flying past. It would feel like the sky was falling if a got hit with a pecan lol


  5. My cats scared away the little birds that were trying to build a nest in an odd little corner gutter/soffit area where my craft room windows kind of jut out like a dormer. Teach them to try that! But I will definitely remember duct tape if they try again there or elsewhere. Of course, we are tenants so for anything serious I get to call the landlord–yay! But my Dad taught me that duct tape fixes everything (I’ve used it for a hole in my shoe and a scraping windshield wiper, lol), so I have faith it will keep working strong for you.

    I love organizing and reorganizing in my craft room. For me it’s just fun to be reminded of all my projects and tools and materials, and there’s something soothing about putting everything in order.

    Cute bug top!

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    1. I’ve duct taped my sneakers before too but the windshield wiper is a new one for me. My father always taught me to keep a few rolls on hand for emergencies too.

      It always feels so freeing for the first few weeks after I get my room cleaned up. I like to go through my stuff once a year or so. That way I am reminded about what I have and I can clear out the things I no longer use or need.


    1. For some reason the computer decided to post before I was through. The quilt is bright and fun. We have a lot of birds here. We have a large oak tree here and they love the acorns and they are everywhere. We live in a mobile home and there is nowhere for them to nest except one got into the stove vent last year. Tim put some screening on it before they had a chance to nest.


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