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TTMT #75 – Hi, I’m Mary, and I’m a Quilt Challenge/QAL addict.

Just what is it called when you absolutely cannot resist a new quilting challenge/Quilt Along? I’ve admitted I have a problem, but don’t want to know about a cure.


14 thoughts on “TTMT #75 – Hi, I’m Mary, and I’m a Quilt Challenge/QAL addict.

  1. i can’t wait to see the fox wall hanging and the school logo! Sounds like your having a blast!
    There’s a lot of challenges I’d like to participate in. If I know I just don’t have time I usually print them or save the links for later (like the star trek quilt). In the end there’s only so many hours to a day. As long as your having fun and not feeling overwhelmed I say go for it!! I always get tickled at everyone having so many projects, I struggle with it, and it amazes me to see everyone’s multi-projects.
    You love the double batting on your quilt, it looks so fluffy.


    1. So far I’m not overwhelmed. Yes, I am having a blast. I enjoy seeing everyone do it the way that works for them, so we all remain stress-free and happy.


    1. I thought so. I had to try it. I know if you put a layer of wool batting for the top layer it’s even puffier, but I didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy any for a 36″ square project (just used scraps). On a bigger/nicer one that’s what I’ll do.


  2. I like your double-puff batting! It looks very cuddly!

    I also bury my threads the same way. It does save a lot of time later and effort later.

    You do love a challenge and a new project! Whatever you work on, as long as you’re having fun, that’s what matters, right?!


    1. Exactly. I don’t like having 2 deadlines right now. I just bounce between projects depending on what I feel like, and at some point they will all be finished…hopefully? The new ones are my kryptonite.

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  3. I love double batt. It’s has nice poof to it.

    I generally bury my threads and always for customers. On charity quilts I may skip it. Just depends on how many it will be. Looks good!

    I get so hung up on finishing things that too many challenges would cause me silly amounts of stress. So I try hard to pass when I don’t have time. I think that’s the key. If you are enjoying it that’s the point. If you are stressed by it like I am than it’s a problem.

    Happy Crafting and looking forward to see what you do with your different challenges


    1. I like the double batting. I’ve heard it was nice, and since this was a piece I was practicing on and I had scraps big enough I decided to try it. You’re right–nice poof.
      I feel absolutely no stress to finish anything, but no longer have the excuse I used for years that I was waiting for a LA. At least a lot of those UFOs are getting finished now. I really as comforted by the thought of having several going at the same time, giving me choices and and I just work on the one I’m interested in that day. Except for now, when I have a birthday and a graduation that put me on TWO deadlines. But that will be over soon and I can enjoy my non-deadline choices.
      I’m still very surprised by how excited I am about the newest QAL. I thought I would enjoy it, but it’s really distracting me right now. But it’s coming along so far. We’ll see.


  4. When I was quilting on the frame I would check my bobbin before I started every third pass so that I didn’t have to bury ANY threads. But on the rare occasions when I had a thread breakage, or (oops) forget to check before I started a pass, I would bury those suckers right then and there before starting to quilt again. That way when I took it off the frame trimming and binding was all I had left to do.

    I have started backing away from pretty much ALL challenges and a-longs because I was starting to really stress out (even though it was all self-imposed) and I try to just take one project at a time from start to at least a finished top even if I don’t quilt it right then. I wanted to do the Quilt your own adventure but still haven’t selected a plan so that will probably never happen.


      1. Thanks. I like it. I thin on those quilts that have the really nice puff they do two things. First, they use 2 battings, usually with the top one being wool. And second, they make the part they want to pop a wider space and then quilt densely around it (like pebbles or small meander or hashwork). Mine was poufy, so I know it worked, but with just stitch-in-the-ditch 2 inches apart and nothing tight/dense around it, I didn’t get that dramatic effect. I tried it and learned from it, and I like it. I’m going to try something more dramatic soon, though.


    1. That would be a great habit for me to get into for burying threads. I did tie them right away, but didn’t think to bury them then. Thanks.
      I agree that if something is stressing you out you need to make a change. I have “joined” the Quilt Your Own Adventure (QYOA?), but told myself I couldn’t start until I finished my 2 deadlines (I usually don’t have those). However, I planned the quilt and designed 2 patterns so far, and the first week of sewing just started 2 days ago. I’ll probably get all caught up and then get really behind. But it’s all good. I don’t stress about things without hard deadlines. Birthdays and graduations are hard deadlines, but I think the deadlines for a QAL of flexible.


  5. Your square on a square quilt looks nice and poofy. I’m looking forward to seeing the fox quilt. I’m a joiner but not always a finisher. I love to join QALs and I can using keep up for a few weeks but something always happens and I get behind.


    1. Oooohhhh….I didn’t finish anything for many, many years. Finishing things is new to me (and a wonderful feeling). I don’t worry when I get behind, and then suddenly I’ve lost interest, the QAL is over, and a new one takes over. My goal this year is to finish as many of my UFOs and I can,and although that is working well, I have several new ones! Some can still be saved from the UFO label, but some new (this year) will count as UFO finishes.
      The foxes are just about finished, and you should see them on Tuesday. I just love how cute they are. I always liked them but had other projects. But my daughter is a great excuse to finally make them.


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