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TTMT #309 – jewells68 – May 7, 2019 – Frameless

Hope the video looks ok, using an older camera this week. I am seriously getting concerned about my brain and possibly early senility. I have lost my camera that Jennifer gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I love it so much, but I’m pretty sure at this point that it fell into one of the boxes I donated to goodwill last week. Thankfully I have a backup (that ALSO used to belong to Jennifer) so at least I was able to record a video this week. I didn’t want to miss!

I talk about the state of the project room, the state of my quilting setup, and what’s on the horizon, as well as what’s in progress right now. Also a crappy hat to visor redo. Fun times!


15 thoughts on “TTMT #309 – jewells68 – May 7, 2019 – Frameless

  1. Omg, your hat! That is fantastic.

    I really do hope you enjoy getting down to fmq with the Pfaff and all the room you have now!

    The video turned out fine. I am glad the old camera still works!!


    1. I was so relieved the camera still works after just sitting there for like 3 years or something. And the picture was good. yay!

      I am looking forward to quilting Fowl Play. Will likely start with some ditch quiltilng on the grod of the top itself before diving inside the blocks.


  2. I’m glad you have a new set-up, and hope it is comfortable for you. I’ve seen the pool noodles, and they seem fine for FMQing.

    I think the hat is cute and genius! Problem solved.

    Can’t wait to see your new tricks (matchstick sounds fun).


    1. Some quilts look great with that straight line stitching, some just need some fancier movement. I’m looking forward to quilting again. It feels like it’s been forever. I really enjoyed quilting that bear panel though and it turned out really good so I’m excited to try again.


  3. The hat worked out just fine for your purpose. That’s kind of silly that the pick all black.

    Well I’m glad you got some resolution with the quilting frame. It’s really not fun to have something that isn’t working or has frequent issues. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your pfaff on the big table.

    My basting solution before my long arm was Elmer’s glue. It can be done on a table. It’s fast and stays put forever. I used to baste quilts and not quilt them for long periods of time and they stayed put. I would buy copious amounts of Elmer’s Washable school glue at back to school time. Check it out

    Happy Crafting


    1. You know I was just so over worrying about it and messing with that darn frame. The ratchets worked only sporadically and the speed control NEVER worked the way it should have. At least now I kind of feel like I have room to move. I’m still not completely married to the current layout, so don’t be surprised if it changes again soon, lol.

      I really want to try the noodle because watching the video it worked just like having the quilt on the frame and therefore kept everything really neat and flat and perfect. I like to spray baste and this should still work with spray basting. but I won’t rule out the glue plan. Glue would certainly be cheaper than the cans of basting spray.


  4. Too bad about the frame, but it did give you a lot of frustration, so may better things be to come on that front.

    Basting really is the worst. I table baste too to save the back/knees from crawling around on the floor. Basting fairies. That’s what I need. (I hear tell that some long armers will machine baste on the cheap for people, but I’ve not tried it. I’m super reluctant to pay someone to do any part of the process when I know I could do it myself!) I’m going to have to look up this pool noodle method.

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  5. Way to go making a decision on what sounds like a major struggle with the frame. Sometimes you just need to move forward even if the next option isn’t perfect either. Look forward to hearing how the pool noodle works out for you.


    1. If and when the time is right I will get a frame again. but for now it’s back to moving the quilt instead of the machine. It’s been an adjustment but I doing just an all over meandering stipple on the chicken quilt to ease myself back into FMQing the old fashioned way, and it’s going well. Next to try rulers!


  6. It’s so frustrating when our tools don’t work the way they should. Most days we have a limited amount of time to quilt and it’s annoying when we spend most of that time fiddling with the tools that are supposed to make life easier.

    I was watching videos yesterday on using pool noodles like a long arm. It seems very doable. Good luck!


    1. I didn’t have a horrible time spray basting the chicken quilt on my 6 foot plastic folding table. But next time I am at the dollar store I’m going to grab some noodles so I can give that method a try. Meanwhile I’m nearly done quilting the chicken quilt so I can move on to something else


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