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TTMT #2 Still Cleaning

Still plugging along cleaning and sorting UFO projects. I have a boatload!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #2 Still Cleaning

  1. That guitar/skyline behind you is so gorgeous! Did you make that? I’m so distracted by it I’m going to have to go back and listen to the video again haha.

    Emerald City looks really pretty… it should be beautiful in purple! Looks like a more doable pattern than some of hers (I’m too easily distracted for her more complex stuff!).

    Sounds like your scrap collection could really keep you busy!


  2. So good to see you again. So glad you came back, Aileen.

    I love the little purple squares! So many possibilities. Sounds like you have lots of fun projects going on. Can’t wait to see them come along. The last time I counted, I had 42 UFOs, but I’m sure when I get to the bottom of my UFO closet I’ll find more. I took out the first 10 I came to in December and already discovered a couple more little ones that would not have been counted. The good news is, I’m working on them, and finished several so far. What a great feeling.

    Have a wonderful week and let us know what else you unearth.


  3. The purple blocks are adorable. I can’t wait to see then come together.
    Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. I agree with clumsykriste… your wall hangings are wonderful!!!


  4. Tackling sewing room seems to be in the air round here as of late. It really seems to take forever to get through everything.

    The purple blocks are great. They will be really pretty in Emerald City. Bonnie Hunter quilts are always amazing stash busters.

    Happy Crafting and I hope your organizing is going well.


  5. Yay two weeks in a row!!

    Love the guitar wall hanging behind you–wonderful!

    Emerald City in those bright purples will look incredible. Can’t wait to see more.


  6. I concur about your wall hangings behind you!

    Also those purple blocks will make a great quilt. I think we are all in that phase where we feel like we can’t find what we need or feel like we are drowning in scraps/fabric and it feels so good to use things up and reduce the number of ufos lying around.


  7. Sounds like you may need to do a video about your wall hangings. I always love seeing your guitar wall hanging.

    The little purple string blocks are so cute. Bonnie Hunter quilts are a bit intense for me but I love seeing what everyone else makes. I’m just not good at choosing fabrics when the overall quilt is a mystery. A couple years ago I gathered all my UFOs and stored them in a couple Rubbermaid bins. I finished several but stalled out. They’re really great if you need a quick quilt.

    See ya next week!!


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