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TMTT #43 Everything but Crafting

13 thoughts on “TMTT #43 Everything but Crafting

  1. Love the quilt. When you first pulled the quilt up, it looked like the binding was in blue (which I love) until I realized it wasn’t. Can’t wait to see what you choose.
    Sounds like you have plenty going on, and sometimes it’s nice to do some hand sewing while watching tv at the end of the day.


  2. Always nice to see the kids, right? Sometimes not as possible as we wish.

    LOVE the quilt. I think the simple quilting is perfect (as usual). 2 to bind is not bad at all (I have many more than that).

    You have a lot going on. Thanks for sharing, and have a great week.


  3. Oh, I love the wavy lines on your Trinkets! They add some lovely movement to a very geometric quilt

    Once again, PARALLEL LIVES. I have been feeling very much the same about my son being home for just a short and not for the summer. He’s working for the University this summer and has about 10 days between finals and starting his new job.

    Love, love, love Free Little Libraries. There are several in my neighborhood. ♥


    1. Yes indeed Parallel!

      I love the textured look with to much density going on with the quilt.

      We are really enjoying the process of getting the Little Libray done. We are getting so books that the extras will go to local teachers that need more for their classrooms and to fill other free little libraries that may need some. It’s been a fun process for her.

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  4. I really love the wavy line quilting looks on trinkets, I think it’s a perfect simple quilting design for something with so many colors and pictures. I didn’t catch when I watched this but did you FMQ that on the frame or was that a computerized design?

    We just donated a ton of books to goodwill, but if I clear off another shelf I will send you some!


  5. I used Prostitcher (computerized quilting) on this one. I have done wavy on my own before but I prefer the precision of the PS with it. It’s honestly hard to do much completely FMQing when I can use the computer. I can make custom designs right on it and know it’s gonna be perfect vs trying my hand at it. I mostly only do FMQ on meandering, loops, or swirls because it’s faster than the computer.


  6. Love the quilting on your Trinket quilt… simple, but it looks really nice. I think you could really go any direction you want with the binding… it’d be a nice finish to do it in the same grunge, but you could use a colour to pull forward a favourite from the rainbow or get all fancy and match your binding to the types of colours you’ve got around the edge… really anything would look good.

    Enjoy your time with your son!


    1. Thank You
      I will definitely enjoy time with him this week. These breaks from school are fleeting. Soon it maybe like his older brother that likes a 1000 miles away. Just not that easy to get those visits in.


  7. Your trinket quilt looks awesome. I agree that a simple line quilt design works best for It. It’s been fun seeing your blocks on Instagram.


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