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Jeanie TTMT #17

Quilts for chairs and cots, my media center

7 thoughts on “Jeanie TTMT #17

  1. My fur baby is only allowed in my bed because she is really to big to be up on furniture. She still does that scratch at it thing on my bed. It makes me nuts as I envision her tearing right through the quilt. I scold her every time. Glad you found a good solution.

    I love the cot. I have seen those before for camping and loved them. The Blankets are great for it. Iโ€™m sure they love them. Sleeping at Grandmas when I was kid meant lumpy pull out sofa and horrible polyester blanket. They are living it up at your house!

    Happy Crafting

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  2. Your media center looks great!
    I can understand cringing when your dog is getting a little too cozy with something you spent all that time on. Good switch since all are happy.
    The cot quilts look wonderful. What a great solution to that problem!
    You’ve done a LOT this week! All beautiful. I bet it feels so good to have new things around!


  3. Your media center is great! You’d fit right in at my house. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One of the reasons I updated my computer last year was because EQ kept crashing my old one and it was driving me to distraction. My hubby builds my computers, so he figured it all out and put a new one together for me.

    I have gone through the exact thing with my kitties and quilts. I put fleece everywhere they like to sit and that has saved me worrying about it. They do still love to sit on my quilts, though. Your fur baby is a cutie pie!

    What an awesome grandmother you are! I love those paneled quilts for the grandkids’ beds. What an awesome solution. Those kiddo bunks are neat, too!

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  4. All those wires behind you would tempt my kitty beyond distraction. She simply could not behave. She loves to eat cords/wires.

    sounds like you came up with a good solution for you. My kitty generally only kneads like that when she’s on a person, so I don’t have to worry about it too much. Also I only have a a couple quilts out. Out of all the ones I have made, none are ones I sleep under, they have mostly all been given away. I plan to change that in the future, but for now I just have fleece everywhere for the kitty. I need to start keeping some of my quilts!

    What a great solution for the sleepovers and the cots. You are one smart grandma.

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  5. Your media center looks great–I build my own desktop from parts also but I wish I knew more about peripherals and networking. The older I am the harder it seems to keep up with the pace of technology. I’m driven to distraction lately with trying to find the perfect solutions to making my digital music collection on the desktop usable all over the house. It isn’t the PC end or software that I struggle with so much as the receiving end with the right speaker options that don’t require too much wiring or space (we rent and I both don’t want to do the effort of too much installation and can’t really mess with the house much, so don’t want ugly wiring, but wireless options all seem frustrating). Ack–sorry–enough about my issues!

    Love love love the cot blankets! What a great grandma–smart solution and they look so fun.

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  6. Our dog no longer lays on the couch but when she did I learned real quick how fast a dog can destroy a hand made quilt. I started buying those cheap Walmart holiday quilts that would come in a tote bag. They were under $20 but even cheaper during the after holiday sales.

    My 3 cats love to sleep on my bed. For that I have some large beach towels that I lay down. Otherwise my bed is covered with fur and I end up washing my quilt more than I normally would.

    Those are neat cot bunk beds.


  7. Looks like the kids and the furry kid love your solutions. Very ingenious! And they look great. The bunks are great. Nice media center. Nice to have people in the house who can set it up and do all that tech stuff. I only know the basics!


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