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TTMT #4 – Cat 3 and Fabric Excitement

Thanks again to everyone for being so welcoming and congratulations to you all on your 10 year anniversary of TTMT!  That really is impressive!  And thanks, Jennifer O, for coordinating the amazing fat quarter lotto giveaway for your own birthday.  And congrats to Rainey on her win!  I’m so excited to have won–though I was sitting there so excited to see whoever won because now I would maybe have a face to put to the name and it would be so exciting to see a new friend win, so I was super stunned when it was my name.

Oh, and as usual, I forgot something I was thinking of talking about–we got a new rug this week, so hopefully I’ll remember to talk about it next week.  Meanwhile, happy May to everyone!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #4 – Cat 3 and Fabric Excitement

  1. Yay Congratulations on the FQ Lotto! How exciting

    Your Star Trek Blocks are looking good. I really felt each row got easier on it. By row 6 it was easy peasy. I am slowly pulling paper as I have time to sit still and do it.

    Happy Crafting and so glad TTMTers won!


  2. Congrats! I’m so excited for you!

    Oh…..Seamus…he’s gorgeous! Thanks for introducing us to the last one. He looks very sweet when you’re not talking loudly to an invisible person! You actually won twice, you know! As close as you can get to winning 3 cakes.

    Don’t worry about any of us being “nerdy enough” — most of us qualify in spades! Star Trek is really coming along. You got a LOT done on it this week.

    See you next week.


  3. You are seriously spoiling us with weekly cats! What a big boy!

    I am definitely crazy cat people. We had six for a while, and then my daughter moved out with our meanie beanie cat (she doesn’t like ANY other cat), so now we have five!

    I LOVE how excited you are about winning! Absolutely I remember cake walks. That was always my favorite carnival game! Your fabric is on the way, I really hope you enjoy it. 🙂

    Woo, look at your Star Trek row pieces, they look so good! I love how your city turned out.

    I am so glad you joined us. You’re part of the TTMT family now!


  4. Congratulations on your win!

    We have a tiger striped cat like Seamus and she’s our fat cat too. Must be the breed 🤷‍♀️


  5. Congratulations on winning the FQ lotto. You know in all these years I’ve never managed to get them sent in time to participate, lol. But that’s ok because i’m trying to reduce my stash, not grow it. 😉

    What a cute chunky young kitty. That’s how my Pouncy usually behaves when I try to hold her up to the camera.

    Your ST rows are coming along really well! After Voyager my ability to recognize the blocks starts to diminish. I watched at least the first season of Enterprise but only when it originally aired so I don’t remember a lot of things.


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