TTMT Video

TTMT 4-30-19: UFO Finish and More

Look at that scrunchy face!

9 thoughts on “TTMT 4-30-19: UFO Finish and More

  1. Good to see you! I’m glad your headaches seem to have gone away.
    Do you mean the Binding Gremlins didn’t come and finish it? Well that’s just crazy😉
    It looks good as do the other two tops. I’ll text you maybe tomorrow when I get back from Chapel Hill to see what the rest of my week is like.

    Happy Crafting

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  2. That hedgehog is adorable.

    UFO FINISH!!!! Yipee!!!! The magic binding fairy must be on vacation…definitely not visiting my house lately. All your quilts are excellent! That should be 4 finished UFOs so far, right? If I can get mine bound I’ll be caught up, but I won’t call them finished until they are, lest they end up back in the closet hoping for that fairy.

    Great job! See you next week.


  3. Wonderful to see your smiling face. Your hedgehog is adorable.

    If you find the binding fairy you’ll have to share her.


  4. Love the funny face before loading the video 😀 It caught a fun moment haha.

    The hedgehog is super cute! And the projects at the end are fantastic. Too bad about the binding fairies, eh? I’m always on the look out for the basting fairies, but they never make it to my house either.


  5. I remember you sending that blue and yellow quilt off and I guess I didn’t realize you never bound it! I’m so glad you finally caught up with those binding fairies. Like Kristel said, if you bump into any basting fairies please send them over, lol.

    Love the tops at the end, and that hedgehog is too cute. Remind me, is that from Shiny Happy People?


  6. Oh my goodness, could that little hedgehog be any more adorable? (The answer is no!)

    I can’t believe how lazy that binding fairy is. Sheesh. Congrats on the finish–great job and the quilt is beautiful. I’ve been wanting to do a blue and yellow quilt for a while.

    I really love the quilt top you showed that has the diagonal or diamond block pieces that almost seem like watercolors. Lovely.


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