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TTMT #1 Just wanted to introduce myself

11 thoughts on “TTMT #1 Just wanted to introduce myself

  1. Welcome, Aileen! Look forward to seeing some of those frilly dresses. My granddaughter is 5 and she like frilly, too. Her. mom is a huge, successful Goodwill shopper so I don’t make any little girl dresses. Can’t wait to see some of your quilts,


  2. I’m so excited that you joined us out in the open!!! Welcome. We don’t really care where you are in your videos, and we can handle messy sewing rooms (we’ve all had/have them).

    Thanks for making the plunge, and I hope to see lots more of you!


  3. Welcome!!! Good to see you and meet you and especially good as I assume you are a Star Trek nerd since you had the insignia on your door behind you!! Quilt long and prosper!


  4. So glad to meet you! I am loving seeing new faces on here. You are correct that this group keeps you motivated. Great group of crafters! Looking forward to seeing more of you – and your crafting.


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