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TTMT #93 Baby Quilt 22/52 ??

13 thoughts on “TTMT #93 Baby Quilt 22/52 ??

  1. I like the cute animal print; in fact I like the whole quilt – it’s different. Some kid IS going to love it! You have been a busy little bee this week. Good for you on getting the home repairs done. You are much handier with that type of thing than I am.

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    1. Thanks! I’m sure someone will love the animals. They just creep me out a little 😂

      I was determined to get that faucet changed out. I’m pretty good with household repairs but if it takes hand strength then I usually have to ask for help. With all the knitting and fabric cutting I do I always expect my fingers and hands to be stronger than they are. Oh well.


    1. You’re right, house repairs always take more time than I expect. I put the two shelves together Tuesday night and spent some time rearranging the piles o’ stuff on Wednesday. It’s still a mess in there but I’ll get It cleaned out soon. Hopefully 🤣


  2. We always get rain. All year ’round. Often too much. And the flowers are really happy right now.

    A clear environment usually helps me. So much so that when I didn’t have time to clean up my space I just moved the sewing machine to the living room. Problem solved. I plan to get to the sewing room soon, though. Right not I have two deadlines that I am not used to having (birthday and graduation).

    Oh, I love the quilt. We saw the color fine before the light was through it. Animal hospital prints are fun in a really sick kind of way.

    Your hand-pieced one just gets gorgeouser and gorgeouser. I get that you don’t have to do another one (ha ha). I have a partially-finished hand appliqued project that I absolutely love. I’ll finish it one day. Other than the hand work on my very first quilt in high school (cathedral windows), I can’t really say I have made much hand-sewn projects. At least not lately. So I’m impressed.

    Those little home-repair projects always feel so good when you finally get to them, don’t they?

    Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks! I did enjoy working on the hand stitched mini quilt. I just don’t have the time to work on another one. I have plenty of other hand stitched projects (embroidery, hexies, etc) to work on anyways. My 5 year EPP Star quilt is probably turning 9 soon 🤣🤣🤣


  3. Whoa-you were a fast talker today! Lots to share! Your hand quilted project is awesome. I’m impressed you did all of that. I would not have been able to do it – just too slow.
    Oh, so it’s YOUR fault I’m cleaning my room. You sent the clean-it-up bug my way. It’s, also, because of all your stash busting ideas. So glad I don’t have to take responsibility for the mess!!


    1. Sorry, I tend to have a slow southern drawl so I usually speed up my talking for my videos. This week I feel like i have been wound tight and spinning fast all the time. 🤪

      Yes!! It is all my fault your cleaning up your room. I take full responsibility ☺️ It’s not fun to dig through but I know I will be happier and more creative when it’s finally done. Then I can easily see and grab what I need.


  4. Since the plain blocks are so large (12.5”) I’m sure I’ll add some kind of fun quilting to fill that space.

    I’ve never had fresh ginger. Maybe I’ll give that a try this summer too.


  5. I like the giant showballs… that being said my eye is really wanting to see a narrow border of fabric that reads as either red or yellow.

    Oh I really like that idea of using a frozen strawberry as an ice cube. I sometimes just eat frozen strawberries as a cold treat in the summer. That’s a really good idea.


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