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TTMT #74 – nothing to see here

I have nothing to show you this week, but let’s not look back…let’s look ahead.



9 thoughts on “TTMT #74 – nothing to see here

  1. I have the same aversion to stitching in the ditch that you do. I did it (sort of) on my bookshelf quilts I finished a couple years ago because I had embroidered titles on all the books so outlining them in the quilting seemed like the best quilting choice but I personally thought it looked messy and wish I were better at it but am apparently unwilling to put in the work to get there—just would rather make a different choice instead lol.

    Looking forward to seeing foxes!


    1. I haven’t finished my POD bookshelf, but I embroidered the titles on my books also, so I will be facing the same decision when I get to that later this year. Letting my longarm do it is better than me trying free-motion, and if I take the time (patience) to mark it carefully and often, it may be okay. I’ll try it on a practice piece and decide if it’s worth the risk. The foxes are coming along nicely.


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