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TTMT #57 | Sometimes it SNOWS in April | 04/30/2019

Hi All!

Hope your area isn’t being effected by this unstable Spring weather. Seems like most of the US is being hit with something these past few days. Well here is my weekly ramble, ON TIME this week! Chalk one up for the Queen! Lol

Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #57 | Sometimes it SNOWS in April | 04/30/2019

  1. Oh, Jaxon’s backpack is so cute! Your bags are perfect, even if you see imperfections. I am absolutely sure his little backpack is so much better than store bought.

    That Nightmare Before Christmas fabric is SO cute. Those will be really fun yoga pants!

    I love that you’re using heart fabric for the medical staff. That’s brilliant.


  2. The backpack turned out great. The pockets are perfect. Gotta love a little man with a sippy cup and a phone!

    Those are going to be great leggings. Love the Nightmare fabric. Great bags, as usual.

    The weather has been crazy all over the country this year. I fear what Hurrican Season will bring us. I remember an Easter when my girls were little when we went to a cousins’ house for an Easter egg hunt and it snowed on them. Easter weather is about as predictable as Halloween weather I think.

    Great seeing you. Have a great week.


  3. Good to see you!
    His backpack is adorable. He looks so cute wearing it. I love your bags as always. I’m sure the mistakes are something none of us would see.

    Those are gonna be some fabulous yoga pants. I love funky yoga or work gear.

    Happy Crafting and good to see you


  4. Your fabrics are really pretty. All the heart ones look fun. I’m a big Snoopy fan-very cute. The bag for Jaxon is wonderful. I’m sure he does love it. It makes him like the big boys! Glad you are doing well.


  5. Jaxon’s backpack is so cute.

    I think the little bags are wonderful for nurse gifts. They’ll be very useful for them. Good thinking keeping them all a bit different.


  6. That backpack is just adorable. I know you can see the flaws in things you’ve made, but I bet no one else does and if Jaxon loves it then it’s perfect anyway. It looks really useful.

    The bags look really great. Wonderful gifts for the hospital staff.

    The yoga pants will be a lot of fun for your daughter. She made a great fabric choice.


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