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TTMT #518 – LIVE 2019 Fat Quarter Drawing!

I will be live at 11:30 am cst!

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TTMT 10th Anniversary Info!


9 thoughts on “TTMT #518 – LIVE 2019 Fat Quarter Drawing!

  1. I love how excited you are live!

    Yay Elizabeth! Yay Rainey! Can’t wait to see what they’re going to make with them.

    Glad you got kitty cameos in. I was worried.

    Thanks for a great month!!! Love you, too. You made me cry thank you very much!!!


    1. Live definitely *feels* different! It was fun!

      My tuxedo boy usually cries outside the door when I record, so I’d planned to scoop him for a cameo, but he decided to nap instead!

      It’s been a really great month. I do love y’all! ♥

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  2. This was so much fun to watch live. If I had been on my computer at home I would have been able to sign into the chat, but it was fun to watch!

    I also love so much that you already designed a quilt to go with the accuquilt die. Up and coming Accuquilt designer! 😉


    1. I had such a great time doing this live. It took a little bit of preparation, but the best part was NO EDITING. When I was done, I was done!

      Once I’m fully functional again, I will definitely be making the Accquilt version of the wedding quilt!


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