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TTMT #42 👈🏻 The Answer

10 thoughts on “TTMT #42 👈🏻 The Answer

  1. Time warps are going around! My daughter’s graduation is sneaking up on me. I’m usually much better with time. It’s just be strange lately.

    I saw your finished Trinkets quilt a few days ago. I’m sorry you had trouble with it. It looks just beautiful!!!! I have really loved watching that come together. I kind of tiptoe around and replace bobbins gently, because I don’t trust a new bobbin to behave if I disturb it.

    Your class is going to be amazing! No surprise.

    You know you can stop by to tell us you’re not stopping by, right? Or to tell us you didn’t do anything you want to show us.

    Have a great week.


  2. Oh, I hope the guild thing goes well. It’s always fun to see people “get” why paper piecing is so awesome.

    You know I have done the not-checking-the bobbin thing. I’m glad it was easy to remove and not a pick, pick, pick situation!

    Oh no, NOT ceiling scraping! 😉 You have been a busy, busy lady.


    1. Full disclosure – I was scraping along the joint tape that had come loose with settling. Nowhere near full ceiling size!

      Soooo many thing I have going on… I’m tired thinking about my list. I fill you in soon in messenger.

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  3. It’s great you are going to show people how PPing different. People just think it’s hard and don’t even try. It’s great you started out with such simple designs. Hope it all goes well.


  4. I love the title of your video this week 😁

    Time warps are so real. I’ve been in and out of one all year. I can’t believe it’s May already.

    I’ve never been a list maker but I keep losing track of all the little (and not so little) things that I need to get done. While It does feel great to cross things off It doesn’t feel so nice when I see how many things are still on my to do list.

    I feel like an oddball because I’m not much of a paper piecer but I love seeing what y’all make. It is a very valuable technique to know and the blocks are stunning but I just can’t handle those little pieces 😂


  5. Good luck with the guild demo/talk. I think it’s funny that so often if you start as a PPer you think it’s easier than traditional, and if you start with traditional piecing you’re terrified of pping. But the potential for more realistic pictorial quilting is what I love so much about pping. And the precision on the traditional blocks versus piecing them traditionally.

    I’m glad it wasn’t too horrible an “unsewing” situation. I hate realizing that I basically have to spend 2 hours undoing what I spent 10 minutes sewing.


  6. Ugh, stinks about the tension issue. So frustrating.

    Love what you’ve put together for your class. Hope some of th attendees really get excited about paper piecing. I just can never seem to stop wanting to do it even though i love regular piecing too.

    Hope all the May busy-ness goes well!


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