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TTMT #308 – jewells68 – April 30, 2019 – Fowl Play Finite!

So excited to have finished the chicken quilt. All fabrics used in this quilt were donated, with the small exception of a few bits from my stash used in the two paper-pieced chicken blocks. Don’t be afraid to play with scraps!

15 thoughts on “TTMT #308 – jewells68 – April 30, 2019 – Fowl Play Finite!

  1. Oh I love it! The Fowl Play turned out so good! I love your creations. They always come together to nicely. The sashing really does the blocks pop. The color balance is perfect.

    Intrigued by the hat mods. Please share what you do if it works.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I did get the slits cut in the hat, but my hair is just too thin and weird. So I’ll likely just wear it with my ponytail out the back like usual. At least I have extra air vents now! lol

      I really had fun with my chickens. And now it’s in line to be quilted.


  2. I always enjoy playing with scraps. I love everything about the chickens! I love having no plan and just diving in to see what happens. And with this one, great things happened.

    I’m sure your ponytail modification will be successful.

    Great to see you.


    1. I love everything about the chickens too! I really enjoy making trash into treasure, so to speak.

      Sadly I gave up on the hat, I just didn’t care enough to finish it. But I do have extra air vents in it now for better cooling properties, lol


      1. Sometimes a project just needs to be abandoned…glad you got some air vents.
        You are a miracle worker when it comes to trash to treasure!


    1. This was such a fun quick project and it was great to use up stuff that’s been sitting around for a while just taking up space. I just can’t help myself from seeing potential in stuff other people want to throw away.

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  3. I am amazed you were able to take such diverse blocks and fabric and make it into a wonderful quilt. That fabric looks like gingham which really goes with the ‘farm’ theme. Way to go!


    1. I realized while editing that you can’t really see the sashing very well in the video. It’s really a modern geometric print. I really loved the juxtaposition between the countryish theme and fabric designed for modern quilters.


  4. Fowl Play looks terrific. The sashing gives It a nice country feel.

    I love seeing your different hat modifications.


    1. It’s hard to see in the video but the sashing is really a very modern geometric print, that’s one of the reasons I loved it in this because it’s so opposite a style of fabric to the blocks.

      Sadly hat was not a win. It’s still wearable as a regular hat, and now it has three new nifty air vents, lol


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