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TTMT: 30 April 2019

In which I show a couple finished quilt tops – a scrappy trip around the world and Mod Peaks, which I call Mod Mountains in the video – and a finished quilt top, some quilts in progress, and some bee blocks.

– The Minecraft blocks can be found here, along with many others
– The pinwheel can be found here
Disappearing Nine Patch block

Starfish quilt
Moda Love quilt (I made mine with charm squares)

Posh Tot quilt
Scrappy Trip Around the World
Mod Peaks quilt

18 thoughts on “TTMT: 30 April 2019

  1. Yay, I’m so glad you made it in time for our 10th Anniversary! ♥

    I absolutely adore the quilting on the Posh Tot quilt. Don’t be surprised if I copy you at some point.

    As literal quality control for a blanket charity, I am more than happy to personally tell you that your quilts are always of the highest quality. Absolutely no one else will see the “flaws” you see.

    Whenever I watch your videos, I generally say “tell us what you really think!” at least once! I’m so amused by how much you don’t like that cat fabric.

    The Mod top you tested is really neat. I love the woven look of it.

    Hope to see you again soon!

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    1. I was really trying for the anniversary! It took longer than I’d hoped, but finally I squeezed it in this week 😀

      It’s a really fun quilting pattern! I learned a few variations of it from a Craftsy class. Great for speed and coverage and they’re simple, but still really pretty. Have at it!

      The issues I had were mainly tension issues (which I neither checked for nor corrected once I noticed them), but none of the tension was so bad that I think the quilting would come un-stitched. I guess that’s what I’d consider not fit for donation or gifting. Or if my stitches were long enough to catch a toe – none of those either! (There’s a bit of jerky quilting too – I did the majority of it the day of the accident while I was waiting for time to pass so we could get to the airport. Needless to say, it was not the best time to be quilting, but I needed something to do so I would’t go crazy.)

      I am maybe too honest when I don’t like the things I’m working on. I’m always looking at the things I do and thinking about the ways I could make them better… sometimes it’s just the simple things like prints or colours or different quilting or different or no borders or whatever. I probably don’t emphasize enough the things I do like. Like on that quilt with the cat print, I really do like the centre bit a lot – I think it’s a lovely pattern and I love the colours (and most of the prints) and I like my weird background choice and think it works better than it has any right to work.

      I’m hoping to get back on a more bi-weekly (or at least monthly) schedule now that things at home are a little calmer. Summer will hit though and I won’t want to craft so much, so we will see what happens 😀


      1. Oh, the tension issues I totally get. I also understand not being in the best frame of mind for quilting. It looks amazing nonetheless.

        I like hearing what you think for real, you don’t downplay it if you don’t like a specific fabric or whatever. It’s refreshing!


  2. I have to watch Mr. Robot twice to get all that happened. It moves a little fast for me and sometimes I wonder what I missed. Some of it is implied, but I usually get it the second time. So I understand.

    It’s so good to see you when you stop in.

    I love your disappearing 9-patch blocks. But, of course, black/white/red is my favorite mix. Red is hard in every art medium I have tried, from markers to stained glass to ink, etc. I would love to be in a block swap like that. Sounds so fun.

    The Trip Around the World looks great. That’s been on my “one day list” for ages, and I probably will not ever get to it because I like it but something more exciting always comes along.

    Man, all your quilts are so beautiful! I love all of them. Purple and light are not always friends. Your quilting is so fun! Yes, your mood definitely can show on any art you create. But those bubbles (or pearls) are fabulous. Yes, your bobbin theory makes sense.

    Maroon borders would have been nice, but the borders you used match the print inside, so it looks fine. Somebody will love it MORE because of the cat print. I like an annual goal, because it is easier to deal with big/little and easy/difficult things over more time than a monthly deadline. The stars are beautiful. I’m in an extended solid phase, after not using solids for decades. I’m trying to finish UFOs (yes, over 10 years old, so no solids), and there is such a contrast between them and what I’m doing now. That mountain pattern is so full of possibilities…looks like one that would change so drastically with fabric choices.

    You got about 10 videos worth of stuff in this one! All beautiful. Hope to see you again soon.

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    1. I’ve never quite gotten around to Mr Robot, though I’ve heard the first season especially was really fantastic. Maybe one day… there’s just too much tv, isn’t there? This particular GoT episode seemed to be filmed to be intentionally dark and kind of murky and hard to follow… you hardly knew what exactly was going on ever, and that was sort of part of the point, but it was still kind of frustrating when you’re going, ‘Wait, but who?!’ every 10 seconds. Ah well.

      I enjoy the block swap most of the time. It’s hard to get people to do the thing you would like them to do – if you ask for clear and bright blues, you will still get dusty murky muddy looking blues (ask me how I know!) – but it is good to get other people to make things for you and to use their stashes so you get a little more variety!

      I feel like I always do the Scrappy Trip Around the World when I’m trying to use up fabric I don’t like anymore. Not sure why, but I’m going to get a complex about that quilt pattern, haha. Once upon a time, I cut up my entire stash of batiks into strips and turned them into donation quilts and then I did the same with this fabric. I still have some of it left-over… not enough for a quilt, but more than I’d hoped to have left! Anyway, agreed that it’s not a very exciting quilt… it looks nice when it’s done well, but there are soooo many other ideas to do instead!

      I really like the bubbles/wavy lines quilting. Or pearls.. that’s a fun way to think of it! It was a really quick and easy thing to quilt and it looks really cool. I learned it and a few other variations in an online quilt class, so I expect I’ll come back to the idea again one of those days.

      I think the borders on that quilt really draw out the blues in the prints used in the middle, where the more red/brick tones probably came out before I put them on. It’s interesting to look at it through the camera (rather than directly when it’s in front of me)… I think I like it a little better than I thought, just because it does make the blues pop out. (But I’m still not fond.) Someone will like it more than me, though, hopefully some kid somewhere who needs the comfort.

      It’s so interesting to see the difference between the things we made years ago and the things we make now, isn’t it? Like I can still appreciate some of my old projects, but I will often think of things I’d do differently now. And I don’t think my style has changed quite so much over the years as your style has! I love the solids direction you’ve been going in… it’s a fun place to explore.


      1. Well, I’ve always sort of gone through artistic phases, so I don’t know how long the solids will last. We’ll see. I know what you mean–I look back at the paper-pieced designs we created and used during the early Harry Potter quilts and the POD and compare them to the latest Hocus Pocus and Star Trek and it’s almost not the same skill-set. The piecing is the same (just smaller and more detailed), but the design has really progressed. The actual quilting has gone from “how would you like your meander” or “straight lines or curves” to “how much detail can I put in the small half-square triangle”. The robotic longarm was a long-time goal of mine and really takes it to the next level, but even without the robotics the possibilities are just endless and the readily-available designs and tutorials are amazing.

        Your quilts are just outstanding, and I know you would have done them differently if they were for you, but since they are not, they are perfect.

        We’ve come a long way, my friend.


      2. Oh, and it doesn’t matter how clearly you describe a color (reds and blues are the hardest)…they are going to pick the one they like. But, this makes you step out of your comfort zone and do something outside your norm…although it’s not what you envisioned. Let me know if you hear of another swap like that.


  3. Oh my every time you post a video I end up giggling at your dialogue about why something isn’t that good looking. I really do think there is someone for every quilt. I see so many quilts that make me go hmmmmm. Someone else adores them. I had someone recently tell me a guest bedroom would like great as soon as I changed the quilt on the bed. I refrained from throat punching her😂 You may not love them all but someone will love each one.

    I actually love the Trip around the world. I have a fondness for quilts that I loved looking at as a kid and finding certain parts that would catch my eye.

    I stopped using variegated thread or different top/bottom threads for that reason. Just the slightest change in tension can have it seen from the other side. I may try again with double batting at some point. I think it could sink into that ok. But I really don’t like to quilt with it knowing before I start it’s gonna pop somewhere.

    I love the top you tested. It should finish beautifully.

    I hope everything else is heading in the right direction.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. I was saying to the other Jennifer than I probably share too much about not liking things and not enough about the things I do like… but I am always always thinking about the things I could do to make something better or more close to perfect or whatever. And I think those things out loud haha. I think I probably seem more critical than I feel because I’m really usually not that bothered by the things I don’t love – I’m never bothered enough to change them! – but I do think about them for sure 😀 I’m glad it’s amusing more than annoying, anyway!

      Throat punch for sure! Haha. I use a red quilt in my pale blue bedroom and it noticeably doesn’t “match” but I love it and it’s perfect and I’d change the wall colour before I’d change the mismatched quilt. Everybody has their thing for sure, but if it’s in your house, you are the only one who should say so!

      I think if they didn’t insist on making so many changes in the variegation it’d be better. Or if they did a kind of…. ABCBABCBA variation instead of ABCABCABC. I mean, everyone must find the same frustration with variegated thread, right? I have some Aurifil variegated threads that I like better… they’re much subtler changes so it doesn’t stand out so much. White to a medium grey, for example, or a light to medium turquoise… that sort of thing.

      This thread was also a different, thicker thread than I usually use and it really sits up on top of the quilt in a way I wasn’t expecting… very different from my usual Aurifil or Gutterman threads. (It was Superior Threads, I think.) Anywhere that I let the machine sit for an extra stitch it really seems to stand out in a way I’ve never noticed with my other threads.

      Things at home are significantly better. To the point where I should able to feel hopeful instead of stressful about it, though I’m finding it really hard to let go of the lingering sense of doom/anxiety. There will be more surgery in the future, but the big stuff is dealt with for now and it’s all about rehab instead. We have all been very lucky/blessed/whatever that things went the way they have.


      1. My giggles are because I have a similar reactions to things. My entire family would describe as anything but subtle in my opinions. I appreciate the honest reactions.

        No way are we the only ones complaining about the thread. I use Superior So fine 50 for quilting. I know domestic machines aren’t always pleased with the same threads as long arms.

        So good to hear things are still going I’m the right direction. Oh I can relate to the feeling of anxiety or dread. I have had multiple situations with a parent this year that looked like the end. It wasn’t but I definitely feel traumatized by it. It’s not really resolved and leaves a bit of constant doom. Hang in there!


  4. Good to see you. You made a lot of progress with your quilts. That always feels good to me, even if I don’t finish it. You’re right – there will be someone who likes that quilt with the border you don’t like. Look forward to what you work on next.


  5. Red is such a hard color to find. My daughter loves black, grey, and red and I struggled with her quilt. I usually tell people I’m looking for the Crayola crayon red 🤷‍♀️

    I love the scrappiness of your Around the World quilt.

    I did the ufo quilt a month for a couple years and then got burnt out. I was in a group where they chose which quilt you worked on and It was never the one I wanted to finish lol. I ended up rebelling and doing whatever number I wanted.


    1. Crayola red is a good description,.. I’ll have to remember that for the future!

      You were much more dedicated to really tackling your projects in that UFO a month year… weren’t you doing from two different lists? It seemed like a lot to handle! I’m not too worried about actually accomplishing things in the month I am “supposed” to get them done in. Mainly my goal is to finish more of the 12 than I did last year. (I think my first year I did 1 of 12, my second year I did 2 or 3 of 12 and I’m currently at 3 of 12 for this year, so as long as I get even one more done I’ll be happy!)


  6. I always love watching your videos, you have such a unique way of putting things when it comes to your praise of something and dislike of something else. It’s true and it’s endearing. Seriously. And I totally remember when you made the Post Tot! I always loved that top and it *almost* made me want to do more modern style tops but I tend to just do random whatever tops instead, lol. And the quilting looks amazing. I have had the same issue with bobbin thread and that’s why I often use embroidery bobbin thread. I have experienced that it nearly disappears on the back of the quilt. If it’s a lighter colored quilt I use white bobbin thread and if it’s darker I use black bobbin thread. I almost ALWAYS use white. I love how it just vanishes into the back of the quilt when it’s washed.

    I love the Mod Peaks quilt top. it’s a fun design. I bet it’s going to look fantastic quilted.

    Oh and I totally get what you are saying about the swap blocks. That’s a big reason I no longer really do swaps. Although I have been roped into the last couple of TTMT swaps, lol. Either the color is way off or the size is way off. That being said, The blocks you showed so far look like they will work really well together.

    I hope you’re doing ok otherwise, and that things continue to improve for you and your family.


    1. I’ve never really had great results with mis-matched top vs bobbin threads, though I’ve only tried it a couple times. Is the embroidery thread you use a lighter weight thread than your top thread? I’ll have to try it someday maybe.

      I also use white thread a lot… I completely agree that it generally kind of disappears regardless of the quilt you use it on. It’s my go to, although I have a lot of coloured threads so I’m trying to use those whenever I have a chance, so that I don’t have a bunch of colours hanging around if I can help it. Colour matching thread is tough and I never seem to have the right thing, so white and grey and black feel like good standards to rely on 😀

      I think I’m going to quit this swap group after this year.. I like the challenge sometimes of making things for other people, but I so rarely love what comes in that it’s maybe not worth all the effort and time it winds up requiring. I dunno. I guess we will see!


  7. Hi! Let bed your video. I was so impressed by all your gorgeous quilts. The Posh Tot one is really cool and glad you recognize the “flaws” aren’t something that should stop you sharing it with someone who will probably love it (and almost certainly never notice those issues). I thought about the ugly cat fabric at first that you just meant you didn’t like it as the border on that particular quilt, which I can see but someone else may just adore it. Anyway, great to see you and all your beautiful work!


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