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TTMT #16 Jeanie’s Room

Happy Anniversary TTMT!!!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #16 Jeanie’s Room

  1. Ugh how awful to be sick during the remodel. The new space looks and sounds great. We have the same tool boxes in our garage. They are really robust. I’m sure you will really enjoy the new space.
    Oh my goodness with the deer. Glad your son is ok. I had giggle about the car. Those old cars are tanks! They can take a beating and keep on.

    Glad Elvis survived the remodel.

    Happy Crafting


  2. I’m so happy about the progress on your room. What a great feeling that must be. It seams like things like that are just a series of decisions mixed in with continuous problem-solving to overcome unforeseen hurdles.

    So glad the deer incident wasn’t more devastating. Those can be very dangerous.

    So great to see you, as always.


  3. So many good things in this video!

    Woo, FiS shirt! ♥

    Oh, that ironing table sounds AMAZING. How fantastic.

    I hope everyone is feeling better. I still can’t believe how much y’all got done with sickness running through your house!

    Yay for saving Elvis!


  4. Sorry you’ve been sick. You room sounds great. I look forward to seeing more parts of the room. Having a moveable ironing station and draws big enough for long rulers sounds wonderful. I know you are going to enjoy your new area.


  5. Sorry you were sick but impressed how much you got done anyway. I can’t do anything that involves decisions when I’m sick. Glad about Elvis and that the deer incident was so un-damaging. Get well!


  6. Sorry you’ve been sick. It’s impossible to convince men to go to the doctor.

    Tool boxes sound like a great addition to a craft room. A few pieces of furniture on wheels is nice especially the ironing station. I think having big sturdy pieces is good. We spend a lot of time in our craft areas so we need things that will last. I need to upgrade my cutting table because I started with a table of lesser quality and sturdiness.

    It’s wonderful when our kids can come back and help with something like electrical work. So glad your son is okay. Gotta love those old cars. I’ve never been in an area where I’ve had to worry about deers or other large animals running across the road. So scary. Poor Elvis, I wouldn’t want to cut his arm or feet off either.


  7. Your ironing table sounds AMAZING. I’m barely able to have a standard ironing board up and it’s even in the way. What a fantastic crafting space you have made for yourself!

    I can’t believe you got all that done while y’all were all sick. That is dedication right there.

    Glad you were able to save Elvis!


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