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TTMT #73 – Finished a UFO except the binding

Got it quilted, and now will bind it…so much needling…poor thing!

17 thoughts on “TTMT #73 – Finished a UFO except the binding

  1. Rogue orphan blocks, oh no! Naughty things. 😉 No worries, I shall look forward to adding them to the amazing orphan block collection I’ve received so far!

    Oh, I’m loving the quilting on your smiling snowmen! They came out super cute.


    1. Thanks. I’m happy with them. I always liked the snowmen, just didn’t have the ability to finish them until now.
      Yes, I think some orphan blocks are orphans for a reason–you just can’t control them.

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  2. The snow many turned out cute. So the problem you encountered with the stitching over and over the same spot will happen anytime you use that method. The degree to which it happens will change based on the design and crop area. I believe it can be fixed in Art N Switch if you have that software. But I honestly haven’t learn to do it yet. I either like it stitch that way or have the tie offs. The ties are only intense if you plan on burying all of them. Which a show or customer quilt would be necessary but donate or personal quilts I just clip them.


    1. Thanks for that insight. I do have Art and Stitch,and I’m really excited bout it, but just took an introductory tour and haven’t spent any time with it. I don’t need to bury anything, and I don’t mind a few tie-offs. We’ll wee how the Old MacDonald lines up and how many tie-offs there are compared to stitching over. I really don’t think I want to just leave open chickenwire around things, but I could stitch an outline (one stitching) and then let it stitch up to that I guess. I’m learning. Really appreciate your help.


    1. Thank you. I really like them, and they’s been a cute 10+-year project. Hopefully I can get the binding on before another decade goes by.


  3. Way to go on getting the decade-old UFO finished. Very cute quilt. I don’t mind how the multi stitching around the snowmen looks – just emphasizes those cute fellows even more.


  4. Congrats on finishing that old UFO! Those snowmen sure are adorable. I have a nice embroidery machine now, but haven’t yet ventured into using it for quilting. But I’m very impressed by yours!


    1. Thank you. It’s actually fairly simple and fun. If you just purchase a design online (I usually get sets, so I have a snowman quilt and an Old MacDonald quilt, and several others from the sets), they come with instructions. It stitches and then you lay down a piece of fabric, then it stitches, etc. I then just put blocks or sashing/stripping between them, add a border and you have a quilt. No patterns needed. These are applique, but you can do the same thing with just embroidered blocks.


    2. One more thing…you can use a much bigger square of fabric, just place the embroidery design on it (usually centered), and make the blocks any size you want. The fewer the designs in the set, the bigger I want those blocks.


  5. Look at you go! The snowmen look fantastic. I really like the borders you ended up with and how it all turned out. I bet it feels so good to have something that’s been sitting around so long just about done!


    1. It feels great! I don’t even remember the border choices (it was all done except the quilting). I have lots more in the closet. I took out 10 in December to put on my list, and I’m getting a few done. There are 42 total ready to be quilted (I think). I’m happy with them.


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