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TTMT #307 – jewells68 – April 23, 2019 – Fowl Play

Fowl Play is an assortment of random scraps from panels that had been fussy cut within an inch of their lives and the leftover cut up remnants were donated to Project Linus. My mission, save them from the trash can and turn them into a cohesive quilt of some kind. Challenge Accepted!

13 thoughts on “TTMT #307 – jewells68 – April 23, 2019 – Fowl Play

  1. It should be no surprise that those squirrels get to me, also.

    Definitely sounds like a tablecloth. Glad you accepted the challenge…if just for us to have fun watching. Blocks, sashing, and borders. You’re ready to go. I do miss Cat. A video from her would be excellent.

    That’s all? I love how we all say that. That’s quite a bit for a lousy 7 days. Have a great week.


    1. You are so right. I sew here and there after dinner on work nights. Maybe a half hour here and there. And have errands on the weekend. So I should be pleased with how much I get done each week. We need to keep reminding ourselves of that!

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  2. Haha My life is all Squirrels …seriously had a doc suggest ADHD meds many years ago. Politely declined but in all reality I probably just self medicating with coffee.

    I completely adore how you pull together fabric that would have been unused or tossed by others. The tops turn out fun and it’s a challenge to make them work. Nicely done

    Happy Crafting


    1. Aw thanks. I often get confused or misread instructions from patterns. That is why I like paper piecing. It’s like paint by number, lol. It’s also why I tend to just wing it with pretty much every non-fis quilt I do. Also it forces me to use my stuff up, lol

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    1. You are too kind! I just started adding sashing to bring them to some sort of uniform size. If I can just stop itching and scratching and sneezing long enough to sew them together you’ll see a top on Tuesday!


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