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TTMT#96-Couple finishes

In spite of feeling under the weather, I was able to finish a couple of things.

6 thoughts on “TTMT#96-Couple finishes

  1. What a productive week!

    Great hoodless hoodies. Perfect for camping. I am patiently waiting to see how long it is before you have a sewing machine in the camper. I think it’s a wonderful purchase and hope you spend many pleasant days in it. Love the little project…great homecoming gift for the camper.

    Can’t wait to see the log cabin quilted. It is about time you did that. I’m happy for you.

    I do love the 15 squares. They came together very nicely. I often take patterns and convert them to paper piecing. Just better.

    2 classes….fun. Paper-pieced swirly circles? I’m intrigued.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. You made a lot of things for feeling so badly this week. LOVE the camper! Love those little curved one. I grew you camping ever summer, too. We never slept on the ground though- cots and sleeping bags.
    I’ve never felt comfortable quilting my own work. I’m excited for you to get your own lessons. Can’t wait to hear how it went.


  3. Oh nice modification to the hoodies. I always try to find zip ups because I can’t stand that feeling for a hoodie snug around the neck.

    Camper is so exciting! It’s definitely something my husband & I think about as a someday thing. When camping with the GS, I either use a mat or blow up mattress. I still wake up feeling like I’m 90. I love the idea of the travels, hiking, etc. You are in a spectacular part of the country for those kind of outings.

    The class sounds pretty cool. Please share your circles when you do it.
    Definitely enjoy learning to Quilt your own on the long arm. I really enjoy the process.

    Happy Crafting and hope you are feeling better.


  4. I tend to just by my tees and sweatshirts at least one size bigger than I need so that they aren’t tight around the neck. This would solve that problem and let me not have to buy an XXL.

    The blocks behind you look great!

    Hey, that’s my kind of camping. I enjoy sitting around the campfire, but not sleeping on the ground


  5. What a great mod for the hoodies! They turned out really well and I bet they’ll be so much more comfortable.

    Have fun with the quilting! I look forward to seeing what you do πŸ˜€


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