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TTMT #92 Weekly Baby Quilt and Babbling


6 thoughts on “TTMT #92 Weekly Baby Quilt and Babbling

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of thought in what to drink. I don’t eat sugar, flour or wheat and have to go through that kind of process to figure out what to eat. I drink Diet Coke and tea with sweet and low. No sermon’s please- my hubby and son do the already.
    Have you tried some fruit juice in your water? lemon, lime, pineapple? That might give you the amount of flavor you want without all the additives in the bottled juice. You could buy a fresh and squeeze a little in the water.
    I like this baby blanket – simple but get a large amount of the fabric to look at. I have some soccer fabric that would work well with that. Mary’s Quilts site is wonderful. Thanks for mentioning it.


  2. On the great drink debate…you could try dropping some frozen fruit into your water. I find that it does double duty as an additional ice cube and flavoring. It will obviously contain sugar (because fruit), but I feel like sugar in fruit tends to go over better than added sugar? Just a thought.


  3. Cute quilt.

    As some one that spends a ridiculous amount of time thinking about my food or chemical exposures in products, I completely get the thought put into it. I drink water, coffee, and tea. So I’m not much help ideas there. I don’t really use sweeteners, but I have researched a lot in efforts to get my family using the safest stuff. Look into Stevia Leaf or even moniker fruit if you are looking for safer sweeteners. Stevia in particular is extremely sweet so very little is needed & it doesn’t spike blood sugar like most non_sugar alternatives. It’s plant derived rather than chemicals. Maybe try Sarah’s suggestion of fruit and add some stevia for sweetness.

    Happy Crafting


  4. I LOVE Baby Quilt #21, but I love all of your baby quilts.

    I worry about what I eat/drink also. I decided years ago that I do eat a pretty healthy diet, I just eat too much. I also decided years ago not to “drink my calories”. I drink unsweetened iced tea (doesn’t really taste that great most of the time, but tea is so good for cholesterol), unsweetened hot tea, black coffee, and water. Boring, yes. I try to avoid carbonation, but depending on my environment (people, places) I go through phases where I drink a very large Diet Dr Pepper a day. I just broke that habit (again) a few weeks ago. When things are going well and I’m busy, I drink about 2 gallons of water a day (just mindlessly drinking all day out of habit). I don’t use ANY artificial sweeteners. Most “flavors” add some excitement, but if I try to avoid anything artificial or otherwise deadly, then flavors usually involve calories–like fruit juice or something. So I stick to water, tea, and coffee (2 cups a day and not every day). Boring, but I think of it as maintenance and not excitement. Now, when I want something good (considered more of a meal or snack than a drink) I like hot cocoa or milkshakes (DARN THAT SONIC 3 BLOCKS FROM ME WITH HALF-PRICE SHAKES AFTER 8:00 PM).

    I love when you babble!
    Have a great week.


  5. I cold brew herbal tea with one bag to a quart bottle of water. I like ginger peach, green tea with mint, honey lemon ginseng. You might try some unsweetened sparkling water. I also prefer my regular tea (like iced tea) unsweetened. But I drink tons of water every day. Sucralose is made from sugar. It’s Splenda. All artificial sweeteners can mess with your bloodsugar. So if I have to have something with some flavor I’ll throw an herbal teabag in there.

    The strippy quilt is fun!


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