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TTMT #517 – Oodles of Orphan Blocks!

Sorry, no kitty cameos today. I have been a bit too incapacitated to follow cats around the house! 😉

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9 thoughts on “TTMT #517 – Oodles of Orphan Blocks!

  1. Glad your demo at Linus went so well. I saw photos and it looked great. I bet those jelly strips end up in a ton of quilts.
    Those are great orphan blocks…sooo much potential there.
    Great to see you, as always.

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  2. That’s terrific you were able to use your time to make jelly roll sets. There are so many patterns out now for jelly rolls. They look like they would be so much fun. Hope you will improve so you are able to have a good birthday.


  3. Lovely to see all those orphan blocks on the wall. I got my FQ in the mail today but no orphan blocks. The ones I have are my original designs and I haven’t let go yet 😉

    The demo looks like a it went well and the variety of Clover All Overs oops designs is great. I’m sure you will get loads of quilts Linus with all those strips & pattern options.

    Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you are sew ready for Saturday.

    Have a good week


    1. I have a whole box of orphan blocks that are the same…my designs and I haven’t been able to give them up yet!

      If we get some Clovers in the coming months, I’ll be sure to share here. I take the Linus Show & Tell photos. 🙂

      And thank you for the birthday wishes! ♥


  4. And I am watching and commenting ON your actual birthday, so a very happy birthday to you!
    You found a great way to continue working on your plan even though you had to adjust how you got it done and in what order. It’s fantastic that you got so many versions done. I think that accuquilt of yours is going to bring out another whole new slew of designs that could be for precuts but also for rotary cutter owners. Because you may start designing for the dies that you have. Like ” here’s a pattern you can make if all you have is the dies that came with your cutter!” sort of thing

    So many orphan blocks!!!!!


    1. Birthday watching for the win!! *glomps*

      Chant with me…ACCUQUILT, ACCUQUILT! 😛

      OMG, I got even more orphan blocks in the last set of packages. I’ve filled the wall three times!! That doesn’t even include the panels I’ve received.


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