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TTMT #44 Knitting and Quilting





4 thoughts on “TTMT #44 Knitting and Quilting

  1. That is a great big heart. And a great, big heart. Love it. Love the puppy footprints.
    Your finger is healing. I know that can be painful.
    Love the sorting hat block. The batiks were a great choice.
    Oh, Angus could definitely live in my attic. Just adorable.
    Great photo of the grandkids. Blubonnets/Indean paintbrushis probably the thing I miss about not living in Texas anymore.
    I hope Rich turns around soon and things get better. That’s gotta be miserable for him.
    Mom and baby monsters? Can’t wait.
    Those Astros!!!! Giving you a diverse sock, but still.
    Great to see you.

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  2. The heart top is sweet. Jennifer always makes a great pattern.

    The Sorting Hat fabric is perfect. It gives it dimension and texture. I’m excited to see the whole top put together when you finish.

    Glad the finger is healing. It takes time to heal from stuff like that. I took a finger tip off cooking years ago and it definitely need time for the nerves to settle down after the injury.

    Angus is ridiculously cute! What great patterns. I would want to make all of them!

    So sorry Rich is still not well. I hope it gets better soon. It really must be awful to deal with it.
    Sending healing vibes!

    I would say go Astros but they creamed my Twins last night, so I just can’t.

    Happy Crafting


  3. Oh, yay, I’m so pleased to see your Big Linus heart! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one made. 🙂

    Those monster, oh my, so cute!

    Love the photo of your grandkids. Tis the season!

    I’ll be thinking of Rich. ♥


  4. The heart looks great! I’ve always loved that design.
    Cute monster! My daughter just said the other day to me “I never see you knitting anymore”. Might be time to take out the needles for something small and not too hote. Maybe some flip flop socks. I’ve always wanted to make those.
    The fabric for your sorting hat is perfect! Solids just don’t add the right texture unless you posess every shade in the line or something.

    What a great pic of the grands! I miss Western Paintbrush. I wonder if I could get some to grow in my vast wasteland of a yard.


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