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TTMT #40 Trinkets & Poof Covers

6 thoughts on “TTMT #40 Trinkets & Poof Covers

  1. Your trinket quilt looks wonderful. I love how you put the colors together. It’s so bright and cheery. Good job on the purge. It feels so good to get stuff out that are not any use to me any more. I just want someone to use them.
    The pillow cases look fun. When you make them it makes me want to make some too.
    Hope the yard work goes well. Drink lots of water.


  2. I love what you’ve done with the trinkets quilt. But I love those pillow cases even more. I think I heed to make a trip to Joanne’s for GOT fabric. I know 3 people who need those pillow cases (and yes, I’m one of them).


  3. Woo for a quilt top finish! You really cranked that out!

    I’m loving all the pillowcases. Your fabric choices are just great. And laughed about the black pillowcase because I absolutely could not have one because cats!

    Best of luck with the yard work. We’re in a similar place, though I will not be much help for a week or two!


  4. Still impressed with the purge! Must feel great.

    I loved watching the Trinkets blocks come together, and seeing them all together (perfect layout, BTW), it’s just adorable! Congrats on finishing it.

    I don’t buy quilt fabric at Joanne’s (except for licensed fabric, batting, notions, etc.). GREAT pillowcases.

    You sure can get a lot done in a week! Have a great one coming up.


  5. I love the trinket quilt top!

    I have found that chain piecing the pillow cases makes them even more fun and addictive.

    I was outside doing yardwork last weekend and mulberry is in bloom, which is my bane! So I am currently taking my 24 hour generic zyrtec every 12 hours. It’s the only thing that helps the itching short of prednisone and I’m not going there.


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