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TTMT 4-16-19: Funny Faces


10 thoughts on “TTMT 4-16-19: Funny Faces

  1. It’s funny how we know who is going to post first thing and who is going to post late at night. Fun to watch.

    I LOVE that penguin! Machine applique is always so easy that it feels like cheating to me, but I just go along with.

    Starting a quilt and finishing curtains is a lot to accomplish in a week.

    Keep us posted on the possible moving situation….we’ll follow you wherever you go!

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    1. My only worry if we do have to move is that we may have to downsize to a 2 bedroom home. Right now we have 3 bedrooms so Tim and I each have a hobby room (mine is sewing/crafting and Tim’s is ham radio, music, astronomy and model trains). The other thing is that we have lived here over 40 years. Hopefully we’ll find something we can afford with 3 bedrooms either in our neighborhood or close to Pat and Vanessa.


  2. Oh the penguin is so sweet! I know you don’t need another quilt a long but it sure is adorable!

    The curtains are great! All of three of my kids would have loved Space curtains.

    Oh no I hope you find what you need for a home. It you need anything I’m not to far away!


  3. Cute penguin. Is that a design that uses fabric for the body and then embroiders the fabric down? I don’t have an embroidery machine so I’m not sure all they can do.
    I love hedgehogs, too.


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