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TTMT #72 – Arctic Wonderland with Overlapping Squares in colors that don’t match (yet?).


10 thoughts on “TTMT #72 – Arctic Wonderland with Overlapping Squares in colors that don’t match (yet?).

  1. The hearts still look amazing. They are spreading like tribbles. 😉

    I love the look of the overlapping squares. It’s really hard to say how it will look with the panel without seeing it up on a design wall or on a table or something. I mean, theoretically, based on the colors already in the panel it should totally work. Maybe make one each of the corner and rectangle block from both the blue and also the green and lay them out with the panel and see what you think.

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    1. You’re right, in theory, I think I’m good. That’s what I’m counting on. We will know soon. I will have the blocks all cut out and can make them into 2 separate things if they don’t play well together.

      These tribbles need to stop spreading and get their act together so I can get that off the design wall and get the new one up there. lol

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  2. I remember your snowman project because you sent me one as an orphan block and it went in a Linus quilt years and years ago!

    I once made a project sponsored by a fabric company that shall remain unnamed. The fabric was super stringy and just shredded on the edges. If I hadn’t been required to use that fabric by contract, I would have swapped it out!

    Your solids to go with the panel will be great. You’ll make it work!

    Yay for fat quarters and potential orphan blocks! Mail is keeping me happy right now.


    1. Ah….the orphan snowman who got put up for adoption! Good memory.

      I think the solids will be fine, it’s just when I see these 4 colors on the cutting table I wonder what I’m doing. It’s a good plan though, and I think it’ll be okay. I’m really not used to solids, but am enjoying my new fascination with them. I’ve always been a fan of fabrics that “read solid”, but actual solids are a new obsession.

      The mail will keep coming, and you’ll be back on your feet (foot) before you know it.

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  3. I hate stringy fabric. But I love the quilt. I hope it isn’t too difficult to work with for you.
    I think once you get those blocks together and on the arctic quilt it will all blend in beautifully.
    At the rate you are going, you’re going to have those hearts off the wall in very short order.

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