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No Talk Tuesday: 4/9/19

Seems I may have caught Julia’s headache.  I’ve spent all day fighting it and seems to be a losing the battle.  Dratted allergies.  Well, I didn’t have much to show you anyway.

Jennifer O., I will go to the Post Office before the end of the week to send you the fat quarters and maybe an orphan block or two.

Have a great week everyone.  I’ll be watching your videos!

9 thoughts on “No Talk Tuesday: 4/9/19

  1. Oh noooo! Headaches are the devil! Take it easy! Keep your windows closed to keep the yucky pollens outside. Hope you have some relief soon. I relied on my chiro to help keep my allergies under control. It really does work, and I know many are skeptical… it’s worth a try for next year.


  2. Oh I am so sorry. I would not wish that on anyone! I’m dreading what all this crazy wind gusts we’re having right now are going to do for my allergies and sinus. Ack. My go to these days is the generic version of excedrin migraine. It contains tylenol AND asprin AND caffeine.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!


  3. Thanks everyone. I’m pretty much okay now. It was only about 2 days that the headache lasted pretty much all day. Since then I grab my allergy meds as soon as I feel one coming on. It rained last night so I’m hoping the pollen has settled down a bit.


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