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Birthday blitz

Apparently, memory is faulty. In the end when I say I did 2 vids 2 weeks in a row, I lied…just go with it.

14 thoughts on “Birthday blitz

    Cute baby.
    Oh, that quilt is beautiful! I really like that ripple. I always like brights with black.
    I don’t trust the USPS at ALL. They lose and misdeliver something of mine regularly
    Great to see you! Enjoy the rest of your birthday week and GET SOME SLEEP!


    1. BTW, I was waiting for your video so I could with you happy birthday, but I had to get some sleep before work this morning–but I see you just skipped the sleep part to be with us. I appreciate that.


      1. Sleep….some weeks it is my friend, others, my enemy.

        Thanks for the birthday wishes. And I love my new baby. I just realized our tiaras match in the vid.

        The ripple is plodding along. Somedays there just arent enough hours to work on it. But I gotta get it done by May!


        1. I’m making a wall hanging for my “baby” for her birthday on May 10. I’ve been neglecting it, but it’ll get done. Time is funny like that…it’s a frenemy, but in its working for/against me it can turn out okay in the end. Here’s to us both getting finished by May!


  2. Happy Birthday, Princess!

    Your new baby was clearly made for you!

    YAY YAY YAY for your quilt top finish. I’m in love with so many projects in one quilt top!

    The round ripple is looking lovely.



    1. Thank you! *snuggles the new baby and also a certain part of a special package that came this week….*

      I still have to figure out what to do about the back…debating something with the strips, but need to ponder a bit more.

      The round ripple will be the death of me! I had hoped to have it finished by now, but it’s not cooperating on getting done fast enough….and since I will be doing other things with my weekend, I just gotta hope I get it done in time for my program. 🙂

      *all the glomps*

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  3. Since signing up for click and ship with free online tracking I have had little to no issues mailing anything. The only time it’s questionable is if I just throw stamps on something and toss it in the office mail basket. Like I did with my sister’s birthday card with gift cards in it. I sure hope it got there ok.

    I love what you did with the multiQAL quilt. Such a great idea. It’s going to be fab!

    I love your ripple blankets. I have yet to ever attempt anything more involved than the PL sideways shell.

    Happy Birthday again!


    1. It’s weird….some things go through the system great…can track it all the way…others…not so much…and not just USPS… I got one package of fabric the other day that was sent from Buda TX…then no updates for two days….then sent to chicagoland, then down to St. Louis, before coming back to me, 3 days AFTER it was supposed to arrive. Just insane.

      I love how this worked out! Now I just gotta figure out how to piece the back using the strips from this year!

      The ripples are easy, but as the rows get longer, the crocheting can get tiresome.

      Thank you so much my lovely! *glomps*


  4. Happy Happy Birthday

    Lovely Baby!

    The finished topic turned out nice. It definitely isn’t something I could picture until you showed it.
    I am looking forward to seeing your Ripple blanket. I never do much beyond a granny square. I really want to get a little variety going.

    Post Ofiice by me is terrible. They don’t show up or leave stuff that requires a signature without getting one. They leave things in the driveway when it’s raining despite having a covered porch they can use. By me FedEx or UPS is the reliable ones for delivery. Shipping I haven’t had trouble with the USPS but I use click n ship with in person drop off.

    Happy Crafting I hope you had a lovely day off Crafting


    1. Thank you! *loves on her baby*

      The way the top turned out surprised me too. I never thought it would work out so well. 🙂

      The ripple is slow going this week. Very busy week last week. Hoping to get more done tomorrow as I have sewing plans this weekend. 🙂 Ripples can be a lot of fun…if you have the patience for them.

      My neighborhood isn’t the best, so both mom and I have been known to go home mid-day to pick up any packages left on the porch….just in case.

      I didn’t get much done on my crafting day, but I guess I needed the rest…



    Your new baby is adorable. She was meant to be part of your family

    We ha e a lazy mailman. We would go days without any mail and then all of a sudden we would have a mailbox full. Or he miss deliver the mail by one house so I would have to walk the mail from my mailbox down the road to the next house and grab my mail from my neighbors mailbox. Since I enrolled in Informed Delivery he has been so much better 🤞 USPS in general is a whole other problem.


    1. Thank you! I fell in love with my new baby the second I saw her at Target. My mom went out that afternoon after she got off work to get her for me. She was totally meant to be mine.

      Our mailperson (I don’t actually see them much) is usually decent, but my neighborhood isn’t the best, and sometimes we get a sub who does something stupid like seriously just throwing the mail on the porch (packages and mail), for all the world to see, when they could just stow it just around the wall of the porch where it would be out of site from potential porch pirates.


    1. Thank you! In my house we are big fans of extended birthdays, so never worry that you are late with happy wishes to me. 🙂


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