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TTMT#94-Don’t sew tired

11 thoughts on “TTMT#94-Don’t sew tired

  1. Oh, I’ve done worse when I was tired. It’ll be fine.

    The Simply 16 is fun! I have a friend with one that she has had for several months and she’s not comfortable with it yet. I’m going to have to go over there and play with it one day and see if she can get into it. I understand the feeling since I still have a longarm in MN that I never took to because it wasn’t computerized…I need to sell that one. But she spent a lot of money on it and I really want her to enjoy it. We’ll see. I think your plan of becoming comfortable first is smarter. I knew I would take to the computerized one because computers and I just get along better than large machines relying on me to tell them what to do. I admire the FMQ’ers because that really scares me.

    I would love a Made in Vermont Festival!!! Just 21? You’re never too old to need your mom!

    I know there’s a difference between Joanne’s fabric and quiltshop fabric, but I don’t know if Kona is different. I trust Joanne on the “name brand” things like Kona. That new pattern looks great and the fabric is perfect! What a great traveling quilt. Have fun with that one.


  2. Thanks Mary.
    re: Joann Kona. I don’t know where I heard it, but some sewing circle ladies said that Kona makes two runs…one for quiltshops, one for box stores.


  3. The quilt on the wall just makes me happy to look at it. I know it didn’t make you happy when you discovered the little error, but it is one that won’t be too difficult to fix.
    Your trip with hubby sounds like a perfect day. Especially since your son was so excited to see you. Nice.
    Your new jelly roll has my favorite colors.


  4. I think midarms have become contagious on TTMT! I was lucky enough to get to quilt on other people’s machines for years before I had my own frame so the transition was quite easy for me. Now that I have a midarm, I will never go back!

    I’ve bought Kona from Joann and I honestly can’t tell the difference between that and the Kona I’ve bought elsewhere. The jelly roll you picked up is great! It reminds me of the colors of the orphan bargello I finished last year. Beautiful colors!

    Retreat! Yay, I’m so happy you get to do that!


  5. I think you are going to pay one way or the other, either for a mid-long arm system for yourself (whether it’s a stand up or sit down), or for someone else to quilt your larger quilts. I am still debating getting a stand up or sit down because of my limited space, it will likely just stay as it is until my daughter moves out at some point and I can take over her room in addition to my current one. Until then (or until a deal that I just can’t pass up comes my way) I just keep rearranging what I have in the space I currently have, lol.

    That’s cute that your son was jealous of your visits to your daughter. I went to school nearly 500 miles away from my parents (in the same state, because Texas is BIG), so I was always thrilled when my parents could make it out to see me in a play/concert. Or when they came to one of our away games when I was in Marching Band because it was closer to home.

    I have to say I have been pretty impressed with the fabric I have gotten at Joann over the last few years. I love their Kona solids. In fact the only fabric I’ve been disappointed with has been the fat quarters and some of the cheaper precuts, ever since they switched manufacturers a couple years or so ago. You can generally tell right then and there whether it’s worth buying when you feel it. I’m luck that right near my Joann there is also my favorite LQS. They carry my favorite machine needles and have good classes and sales, and Joann carries my favorite gutermann thread and other notions and stuff the LQS doesn’t carry.


    1. I agree that Joann’s has been stepping up it’s game fabric wise and also agree with the exception of the fat quarters. I’ve purchased some of the flannel widebacks and have been happy with them. I think you have a long arm, correct? I’m looking at the HQ Simply Sixteen, not to be confused with the sit down Sixteen, because it’s got a smaller footprint.


      1. I have a short arm (bought used) on a frame (bought used; set up at 5 feet). It’s a Pfaff Grandquilter Hobby 1200 (9″ throat) with a Grace Next Generation Frame (not a fan of the frame but love the Pfaff Grand Quilter. I would love to have the Pfaff as my piecing machine.). It is not stitch regulated and no computer. I like to FMQ though I would love a stitch regulated machine with a longer throat, like 15-20 inches. However, I have been seriously considering getting a sit down mid-long arm because it would actually fit in my space better, and buying a dritz qsnap sit down pvc hand quilting frame to use to baste my quilts to keep from having to wallow on the floor. A lady in my Project Linus group has an APQS George sit down long arm and she loves it and her quilts are just beautiful.


        1. Also try as many machines as you can. They are all a little different. I enjoyed playing with a simply sixteen at Quilt Fest last year, but I REALLY loved the innova. Way out of my price range of course, but it’s interesting to feel how different they sew. The King quilter from Sewing Machines Plus was super clunky. I didn’t care for its motion at all. But of course the gammill and innova were awesome. And the Qnique was smooth as well. And the Eclipse is pretty smooth regulated stitches. Some look like they would be clunky but sew really nicely. some are the other way around. This is why I enter every sweepstatkes for a long arm I can. Then I don’t have to decide, it decided for me, if I win, that is. 😉


  6. I think we all have those projects we should have put down because we were tired.
    Good thing it’s not to major of a mistake.

    My middle one just asked me last night if he could come home more over the summer as if he isn’t allowed to come whenever he wants. He is going to be in class all summer & misses home. We found a bus that’s takes him from School to a depot near our airport. It’s apparently free for Chapel Hill students. I think he will be home a lot more now that he knows that is available.

    I think learning before buying is always the way to go. I have heard stories of people buying machines and selling them within a short time because they really didn’t know anything when they go them. It’s either they never really get it or they really find they don’t like it. I had a sit down for my first mid arm I had. I would recommend the stand up over that if you have room. The weight of the quilt is terrible on bigger projects. I love my long arm and doing the quilts is so satisfying. I hope you find you love it.


  7. The project behind you is beautiful, even if you did sleepy-sew things on wrong 😉 It’s going to turn out great!

    Too bad about the midarm, but I think practicing and learning more is a great thing anyway.


  8. I have made that same mistake of sewing when tired. It’s very frustrating.

    I’m super jealous of your retreat trip!!! The best (and only one) I’ve been on so far was with Jewells and Jennifer….and it was amazeballs. Have a fantastic time!


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